TOCH – Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Two formidable men met

His office was designed as a presidential suite.

Because he might receive all kinds of invitations at any time at work, he also has some clothes prepared to deal with all kinds of occasions at any time in the company.

Fang Chixia also has hers on hand purposely to assist him.

Such as in the case of today’s occasion.

Fang Chixia was once again struck dumb. She glared at him and smacked his hands, before she moved to take off his clothes.

Her drooping eyebrows mellowed her whole face, docile as a little lamb with not an ounce of strength to fight back.

This gentleness kindled a smile rising at the corners of Luo Yibei’s lips. The moment Fang Chixia unhooked one button, her hand was sunddenly wrapped around in his.

It startled Fang Chixia and stopped her momentarily from her task.

“Continue.” Luo Yibei’s let her hand pause and stroke his abdomen without blinking an eyelid, eagerly driving her fingers to solve the buttons one by one.

His body temperature was originally a bit unlike hers. With his palm attached on the back of her hand, the cold and hot intertwined. It goes without saying that the difference could be nothing more than subtle.

Fang Chixia stiffly unhooked each button, numbly letting him take the lead and simply exerted no effort to resist.

Luo Yibei’s eyes bored into her face, intentionally or not, letting his fingertips gently stroke her palm in the passing.

A subtle current rose from where his fingertips passed, causing Fang Chixia to freeze and shrank back uncomfortably.

“Are you not going to hurry?” Looking out the window, she asked nonchalantly.

“It’s alright.” Luo Yibei smirked, taking the shirt and changing into it shamelessly. He turned sideways to tidy himself up and then made a step to go.

The pair walked out of the company at around seven in the evening. They drove along Nice and walked for a while and finally arrived at a cruise ship.

After boarding the ship, Fang Chixia discovered that Fei Si Nuo was actually on board.

Fei Si Nuo was accompanied by a few entourage as well as a female companion, a blonde doll like, exquisite woman.

When the group walked from one end of the corridor towards a cabin, they passed by Fang Chixia.

After a fleeting glance at her, Fei Si Nuo looked at Luo Yibei on her side and smiled casually in greeting, “You must be the young master of Rongxi?”

Rongxi and the R royalties together with some aristocrats have been on cooperation for many years, but Fei Si Nuo has never uttered a word to Luo Yibei.

Today was the first time.

In fact, the two people were aware of each other’s identity. Even if they didn’t have an in-depth contact, they would know each other when they meet.

“Luo Yibei.” Luo Yibei looked back at him and as usual, treating his words as gold, introduced himself briefly.

“Fei Si Nuo. Chris.” Fei Si Nuo held out his hand. The two men met each other’s eyes head on and simply shook hands.

The two epitomized very distinct temperament, one cold and domineeringly black bellied, the other enchantingly refined, but with equally powerful auras.

These two faces, which were equally eye-catching.

Standing together, the light of the entire cruise ship seemed to have gathered above their heads, capturing innumerable attention from passing passengers.




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  1. Are they crossing swords before the fencing match?Could it be that Chixia is the trophy?

    Thank you for this mega update.


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