Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Symptom of love sickness

Today’s He Lian Jin Yu was garbed in a cyan robe.

His long hair was all bundled up and his whole person was bubbling in great spirits.

However, the look of ridicule and contempt on his face downgraded his overall charisma.

He was just leaning on the side of the carriage, watching as Feng Chuge came out along with the three maids behind her.

“Did you think the entrance exam is just a play? Also bringing three maids to serve you, Feng Chuge, you are really delicate.”

For these shady words, Feng Chuge turned a deaf ear.

She has never expected a dog’s mouth to spit out ivory anyway.

Feng Chuge’s disregard annoyed He Lian Jin Yu, “Feng Chuge, since you are traveling with this prince, you’d better act accordingly, don’t lose this prince’s face later on!! This prince advises you, the academy isn’t for you to indulge in pleasure, but for you to experience! What are doing bringing these servants?”

“Since the Prince’s face is so valuable, why bother picking us up here? And also… I might as well tell the third prince, these three, I’m afraid are also going to test for the academy…. It is said that Yuntian Academy only recruits four at a time. If the third prince wants to tag along, you’d better be careful. In time, you yourself might not even look up and compare to these so-called “servants.” Feng Chuge lectured He Lian Jin Yu meaningfully.

Her mocking made He Lian Jin Yu’s whole body stiff.

The moment she compared him to these servants, his face increasingly turned green.

He watched the three maids behind her and sneered.

He has persevered for several years before he could finally meet the qualifications for Yuntian Academy.

How could these people be eligible to go in?

He snorted, “When did cats and dogs qualify to enter Yuntian Academy?”

“The Prince said it right… Not everyone can enter. Before you go in, you must first be aware of your own identity.”

Feng Chuge chuckled, “Go, hop on the carriage.”

With her command, the three maids grinned at him in amusement and obeyed.

They really can’t wait to relish on this He Lian Jin Yu’s face later!!

Not far away, He Lian Jin Yu watched them get on the carriage sullenly.

His hands on both sides were tightly balled into fists.


Feng Chuge’s reminders were really humiliating for him!

He totally scoffed at Feng Chuge successfully entering Yuntian Academy!!

Looking at the carriage behind, He Lian Jin Yu sneered once mare before flicking his sleeves and flying into the carriage in front of him.


Inside the carriage.

Feng Chuge leaned on one side uneasily.

“Miss, what’s wrong?” The three maids have never seen their young lady so agitated so one couldn’t help but ask.

Feng Chuge closed her eyes and gave a long sigh, “Achen has been eating what I cooked these recent days. I worried that he won’t get used to meals cooked by others.”

As soon as the three people heard her disquiet, they rolled their eyes.

It turned out that the Miss’s uneasiness at the moment was all due to Achen?!

“Young Miss, you’ve already instructed them carefully. Not to mention, isn’t Achen’s uncle going to take care of him?” Although the uncles sudden apprearance was quite questionable, there was indeed no doubt about his care for Achen.

Feng Chuge nodded, but the anxiety in her the eyes did not subside one bit.

Zilan watched Feng Chuge worried and smirked, “Hey, it’s a pity that Achen is still so young and couldn’t go with us to Yuntian Academy. This way, Young Miss doesn’t have to worry or be so distraught about this tender grass. Miss, this…. Isn’t this a symptom of love sickness?”

TLN: Zilan’s punchline is always the best (hahhaha)

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