Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Will not be disappointed in you

“You are still so young, and…” Feng Chuge continued to pry into the spiritual power in his body, then her eyes flash in astonishment, “And, your power has already advanced to the intermediate level of the Ling zhe realm?!”

“Intermediate, Ling zhe realm… What is that….” Achen’s lips formed a line.

Ling zhe, the lowest strength.

“It may not be a problem for others, but you have just gathered spiritual power and have already reached this point. If in accordance with the normal speed of cultivation, , it is estimated that when you reach the age of 20, you can break through the Ling zong stage. What a surprise. My Xiao Chen Chen is actually a genius!”

Ling zong…. Genius….

The corner of Achen’s lips spurted an untraceable curvature.

Was a 20-year-old Spiritual Ling Zong a genius? What a stupid woman!

Should he tell her that he has already broken through the Spiritual King stage when he was twenty?

Achen raised his head at the beaming smile on Feng Chuge’s face.

A cunning glimmer flashed through his eyes.

A rush of anticipation suddenly filled him. He truly was looking forward to when Feng Chuge could finally know of his true identity and strength.

“Woman, you seem to have never asked me my full name till now…” Achen cocked a brow.

Feng Chuge crossed her and clicked her tongue. “Zhu Zichen…. Who doesn’t know? What was all the mystery for?”

Zhu Zichen…

Zhu Zichen…

Achen’s lips twitched.

What a terrible name….

How could it be his?!

“Where did you hear it?”

“Aren’t I brilliant?” Feng Chuge fiddled with a pinch of hair scattered on her chest. “Zhu Zichen… Before, Zilan said that you and the legendary first beautiful man Di Jue Chen were quite alike, but at a closer look, not at all. You are different!” Suddenly recalling something, Feng Chuge looked at Achen, “Little devil, you’ve never told me your full name. If you uncle has not mentioned it, I wouldn’t have known!!”

“Uncle…” Achen murmured as a chill gathered at the center of his pupils.

Feng Chuge only felt that the temperature around them has cooled down abruptly. She took another closer look at Achen who maintained his devil may care posture.

“Xiao Zichen…. What’s wrong?” Feng Chuge asked.

Achen raised his head and looked straight at Feng Chuge and bit back the words one by one. “Don’t call me Zichen. Just call me Achen!”

That demand was barked in all seriousness.

Feng Chuge looked at him, her lips twitched.

“All right, I’ll call you Achen…. really, although your name doesn’t sound nice, in the end, it was given by your parents. You shouldn’t hate it, right?”

“Shut up -” Achen ground his teeth and spat out the words.

“All right —” Feng Chuge watched the firmness on Achen’s jaw and could quite understand why he was reluctant to share his full name.

Listening to it must be too much even for himself!

Feng Chuge’s brows gently rose as she reached out and squeezed his face.

“Xiao Chen Chen, rest assured… No matter what your name is, I will never be disappointed in you. You will always be my little Achen.”

Achen’s eyes sparkled a few times and in the end, softened.

He looked up at Feng Chuge and a purple glow flashed across his eyes in a split of second…


The third of the month, the days passed fleetingly and soon came the day before the entrance examination of Yuntian Academy.

The Emperor heard from someone that Feng Chuge was also going to enter Yuntian Academy and specially sent people to pick her up and drop her off at the academy.

When Feng Chuge and her party went out, they saw He Lian Jin Yu standing contemptuously outside the residence……


TLN: I will update some terms tomorrow. I forgot to take my notes 🙂

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