Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Who made the world sentimental

“Master, you…. Why are you looking at me like this?”

Achen lightly lifted his eyelids. “Remember, your only task now is to be my uncle. As for others, don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask.”

Bei Xuan wiped his sweat, “Yes…This subordinate understands!”

“Good. If there’s nothing else, go back to your own room.”

Bei Xuan heard his command and could only retire.

Outside, Bei Xuan’s teeth shone bright.

Such a ruthless man was his master!

He really couldn’t associate the cute little boy blinking such pathetic eyes to Feng Chuge!

Thinking of the Feng Chuge, Bei Xuan narrowed his eyes and breathed a profound sigh.

“Hey~~ who made the world this sentimental, so the master has also turned out this way~~”

He continued to the side when a cold breeze blew and a figure stood in front of him, blocking his way.

Bei Xuan was taken aback. He looked up, but saw Feng Chuge staring at him with slyly.

“Hey… It’s you Miss Feng…”

“Achen’s Uncle, did you just visit Achen?”


Feng Chuge’s brows moved slightly. “What did you report to your master just now?”

“Huh?” Bei Xuan’s heart missed a beat, but thrust out a smiling face right away. “Miss Feng, you got it wrong.”

“Did I?” Feng Chuge looked fixedly at him with a pair of doubtful eyes.

The pair of eyes that seem to be able to see through his heart, only caused Bei Xuan to feel as if he had nowhere to hide.

“Miss Feng, you must have been mistaken. The name of our family’s nephew Achen is Zhu Zichen… I just call him Achen.”

“Zhu Zichen…” Feng Chuge only slightly narrowed her eyes and thought about the name.

Right. She has known Achen for so long. She still didn’t know his real name. She only know that he was called Achen, and as for the rest, she knew nothing.


Zhu Zichen….

Just listening to this name sounded really weird.

Bei Xuan stood in front, looking at Feng Chuge who seemed to be mulling over his response, and felt mixed-up.

He was afraid of staying there for more than a moment, for fear that he would say a few more words and succeed in revealing some flaws……

He must prove himself to Di Jue Chen.

He wasn’t a pig-like teammate!

Bei Xuan chuckled half-heartedly, “Miss Feng, if it’s alright, I’ll retire first –“

‘Well, go ahead…”

Afterwhich, Bei Xuan hurriedly fled. Feng Chuge followed his figure with watchful eyes.

Inside the room, Achen sat cross-legged on the bed.

Today was the tenth. There were only five more days before the full moon.

As the day of the full moon approaches, plus the medicinal herbs that have been taken before, Achen’s aura has become chaotic.

Although he wasn’t that weak, it was quite a great deal for this little body.

He closed his eyes and leaned on the bed to slowly regulate the spiritual energy of his body.

Spiritual energy passed through each of his meridians. Not until everything was regulated three rounds could Achen release a turbid foul breath.

He opened his eyes and a flash of a faint purple light run across his eyes.

Curling his lips, Achen chuckled….

Now, he just have to wait for the full moon.

The door was once again opened.

The glimmer and all other expressions condensed at the bottom of his eyes.

His eyes, which glowed with purple light, were now back to being black and white.

The moment Feng Chuge entered, she sensed a few varying scents.

She looked up and immediately captured the aura on Achen’s body that had not yet dissipated.

Feng Chuge cocked an eye and stretched a hand towards Achen’s hand.

After some probings, Feng Chuge smiled in surprise —

“Xiao Chen Chen, can you cultivate now?”

Achen maintained his usual indifference but lightly nodded.

“Not bad… an average child usually can cultivate spiritual energy at seven or eight years old…..”

TLN: The rainy days have come ☔☔ I hate umbrellas 😑😑 But, more updates on Xiao Chen Chen tomorrow😁😁

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  1. Thant you veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery much, I totally love this story!!! Achen is so cute!!! I am looking forward the fullmoon


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