EP – Chapter 119

Chapter 119: – In short, black was turned into white

The flower pot broke on top of Li Yichun’s bald head. In an instant, porcelain, dust, petals… splashed down on Li Yichun’s bleeding head.

Mu Tianye swept over the blood-stained petals on the ground and his eyes flashed with displeasure — a pity for his flowers.

Mu Tianye slowly got up and walked toward Liu.

Seeing that the man wearing this high-end custom-made leather shoes, step by step approached in front of Chief Liu, cold sweat broke out of his body and suddenly, his pants were wet.

“Mu Tianye!” Ning Xiaofei rushed up and grabbed his sleeve. “Please, forget it!”

Anyway, this thing was caused by her. If this continues, this may take people’s lives.

Feeling something dripping on his hand, Mu Tianye stopped and his eyes fell on his right arm.

He saw blood oozing out of an open wound at the back of her hand. It dripped down her fingers and then trickled down his hand.

Taking note of the man’s attention, Ning Xiaofei glanced at the blood on his hand.

She has been anxious trying to stop him and forgot about her injury. The wound that has stopped bleeding was forcibly opened and it bled once more, soiling his suit and shirt.

Her heart trembled as she loosened her bloody fingers.

“I’m sorry!”

She turned around to grab a clean hot towel on the table. She stretched out her hand in an attempt to wipe the blood off his clothes.

Her hand hasn’t touched Mu Tianye yet when he seized her wrist and the towel then pressed it down her wound. Then, Mu Tianye roared.

“Are you all dead?”

Zhou Tao responded first and immediately whispered, “Bring the medicine box, prepare water, and get the car ready.”

The manager on duty and the group of people waited for this order before responding. Someone rushed out to get the medicine box. Someone took a clean towel from the rack, and someone went to fetch water…

Zhou Tao moved the chair and placed it behind Ning Xiaofei. The manager manager held her arm and took her to the chair to sit down.

The man, who had just lost his temper, crouched down in front of her at the moment, carefully uncovering the towel to see the wound on her hand.

The old blood has dried up on her skin and her whole little hand was dark red. When he turned over her hand, the blood continued flowing, spilling into the floor —

Just looking at it made Mu Tianye furious.

“Are you dumb?!”

Ning Xiaofi bit her lips without saying a word. It was obvious that he was angered. She was stupid enough to further provoke his wrath.

The man took a clean towel from Zhou Tao and quickly wrapped her wound in two rounds. The man stood up. Ning Xiaofei only looked at the man and before she could react, she has already been carried up.

Stepping forward to the face Chief Liu, Mu Tianye raised his right foot and stepped on the palm of his hand on the ground.

His fingers were burning with pain and Liu immediately screamed out.

“Chief Mu…. Please spare!’


Mu Tianye’s eyes swept over a few people standing in the distance before striding out of this star-studded building. Zhou Tao gave the manager a look and quickly followed down the stairs. They got into the car and Ning Xiaofei was sent to the hospital.

The manager stood by the window and watched Mu Tianye’s car go far. Then, he stepped on his high heels, walking back to the table, bending over and lifting a fragment of the flower pot from the ground.

“My nicely made tea room has been smashed by you, two. What do you say?”

In a word, black was turned into white, turning the beaten two as troublemakers!

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