EP – Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Mrs. Mu?!

To be a manager here, naturally, he also had to be slick and had to watch out for a person’s every mood.

The manager un duty had been in the club for three years. Apart from the few friends of Mu’s father and Mu Tianye, no one was qualified to use his cup.

Let alone, this “Mrs.” title.

Although he had not heard half the wind before, the manager on duty did not dare be surprised at all, but only remained respectful.

“Yes, Chief Mu!”


They were… husband and wife? !

They….. have moved King Yama’s woman!

Across the tea table, Liu and Li shivered at the same time.

The hot tea in the cups shook, spilled, and splashed on their fingers and thighs, and burned the tender meat on their legs. The two did not dare to scream. They instantly put down their cups and stood up.

“Chief Mu?!”


“What?” Mu Tianye glanced at the teacups on the table. “Is the tea not to your taste?”

“No, of course not!”

“Chief Mu, this….. this is a misunderstanding!”

The two people who were still very arrogant at the police station now were pale and white, with their whole body shivering like a sieve.

Mu Tianye raised his right hand and gently drummed his fingertips on the table.

“Huayang Architecture of the Liu Family, Yi Chun Stone, Li Yichun. I haven’t made any mistakes with these two names, right?”


Li Yichun’s legs softened and slammed down onto the floor.

“Chief Mu, you… A great man rarely harbors grievance for past wrongs. Please forgive me this time!”

Liu, who was scared into stupidity, also regained his wits and knelt beside him.

“Chief Mu, we…. we really didn’t know. You are a magnanimous man. Please spare us this time!”

“We really didn’t know Ning Xiaofei…We never thought that Miss Ning was your woman. If we had known, we never would have dare to move her!”

“Yeah, this is a misunderstanding. We were just kidding around with Miss Ning…”

Who didn’t know that he has merciless means for those who go against him in the business circle. Who has ever had a good end with him. His identity as King Yama of course wasn’t just for show.

At this moment, both of them have already repented to their intestines.

Mu Tianye sat still, watching the two men kneeling in front of him. His eyes were narrowed into sharp blades as he stared at them while his face cold blew them off as the windy days during the winter solstice. It really chill people to the bones.

Looking up at the man’s expression, Li Yichun gnashed his teeth and raised his hand on his face.

This man could play him easily in the palms of his hands. Compared with the bankruptcy of his company and dying like a stray dog, could his face amount to anything?

Beside him, Liu also followed suit and started to slap himself.

“I’m damned!”

“I’ve failed to recognize Mt. Tai!”

“I’m a bastard!”

Every self-deprecatory remark was accompanied by a slap.

The two men’s underlings were scared into silence and held their breath, just standing by the manager on duty and the maids that were standing by the side, for fear of drawing attention to themselves.

The room was then filled by the voices of the two men and he ringing of their slaps.

Even after a short while, the two dared not let go of their vigor. Soon, their faces where swollen and blood dripped at the corners of their mouths.

Li Yichun was the first to give up. Crying in tears, he crawled to Ning Xiaofei.

“Xiao Fei, I beg you. It’s all Uncle Li’s fault.”


“Where the f*** are you an uncle!”

Mu Tianye’s leg was lifted and Li Yichun immediately rolled out like a ball and slammed into a flower stand. The azalea flower on the top of it swayed and fell down on his bald head.

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