TOCH – Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Yibei brother is keeping a lover

Normal people wouldn’t notice the fleeting changes in his expression.

Xiao Zuo has been observing him quietly. He was still expecting to see something from his face. Who knew, Luo Yibei remained impassive from beginning to end.

“What do you want to say?” The uneventful timbre of his voice contained not the slightest bit of ups and downs, the perfect example of a person who had nothing to hide.

Xiao Zuo was very disappointed. He swallowed back the words he was confident to impart just a moment before.

In truth, he was just about to say that here was Luo Yibei’s love nest, but it seems that he thought too much.

It was just a cup. Did he just bought it for appreciation?

“Nothing.” Xiao Zuo jumped down from Luo Enqi’s lap and grimaced.

The three of them sat down in the living room and lingered there the whole morning.

The time crawled at a snail’s pace till was noon.

Luo Yibei took Luo Enqi and Xiao Zuo out of the villa, probably for lunch.

Fang Chixia walked down the stairs and sighed a breath of relief.

She was about to leave when Luo Yibei called.

“Miss Fang, aren’t you going to send the documents at noon? Send it directly to Long Island restaurant.” Needless to say, his made up excuse was delivered in all seriousness.

This so-called serious excuse, Fang Chixia was well aware.

What document, he was just finding some nonsense to let her go out and eat with them together, all right. Still, this cover was quite natural.

Fang Chixia was speechless at his ingenuity.

However, he has already spoken and has even found such a grandiose excuse. If she were to defy him, wouldn’t she be charged with insubordination?

She arrived much faster. In fact, Fang Chixia’s belly has long been protesting. After receiving the command, she stopped her car to the restaurant.

Luo Enqi knew that Fang Chixia and Luo Yibei have come to France together. It wasn’t much surprise to see her so he was agreeable to her coming over.

Xiao Zuo also knew that Fang Chixia was in France. He actually suspected whether the two people were living together. However, Luo Yibei was just too serious with his answers, which dispelled Xiao Zuo’s concerns.

Four people finished lunch together, and Lou Enqi seemed prepared to go directly to the airport.

Germany and France are neighboring countries. Dropping by wasn’t that much a hassle, which was why he wasn’t planning on staying for a few days.

Fang Chixia and Luo Yibei sent them off at the security and went back together.

Out of the airport, the two have been walking closely. When they entered the elevator, Fang Chixia probably wobbled as her body tilted forward a bit. Her arms naturally grasped Luo Yibei at the waist.

Her instinctive action was completely captured by Xiao Zuo who hasn’t removed his eyes on the two. Xiao Zuo was once again left in doubt.

Following Luo Enqi on the plane, he sat and waited for the plane to take off. He suddenly recalled his discovery at the villa.

“Granpa.” He called out and shot a gleaming smile at Luo Enqi. “You say, with Yibei brother living  here alone, do you think he would keep/raise a little lover here?”

As a shrewd man, Luo Enqi easily figured out the suggestive message behind his question.

All the expressions on his face froze in an instant and asked him seriously, “Xiao Zuo, did you see something today?”

His seriousness, coupled by the firmness on his jaws was something Xiao Zuo has never seen before.

What happened to Grandpa?



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