TOCH – Chapter 281

Chapter 281: He was sleeping naked

“Where is he strange?” Luo Enqi glanced at his side profile and scrutinized his serious expression. He wanted to ask some more but who knew that Xiao Zuo would blunder out. “He was sleeping naked!”

In fact, Xiao Zuo wanted to say that he just saw Luo Yibei’s clothes strewn all over the floor.

He just didn’t point this fact specifically.

Luo Enqi was left extremely speechless. He retracted his gaze and just sat down on the sofa to wait.

When Luo Yibe strode down, it was a few minutes later.

His shirt was worn carelessly. He walked while casually sorting out the cuffs of his shirt as well as the buttons.

From the spiral staircase down, his eyes lightly swept the two below. With his signature indifferent tone, he asked, “Why did you come so suddenly?”

“I’m taking Xiao Zuo for a short stay in Germany. Since we’re in Europe, we just dropped by to visit you. We called at the airport but you didn’t pick it up.” Luo Enqi explained.

“Then stay a few more days!” Luo Yibei slowed down on the floor and walked straight towards the two.

“All right, All right!” Xiao Zuo was very pleased with this proposal and seemed looking forward to it.

Luo Yibei never said anything in accordance to Fang Chixia’s wishes, leaving with the two.

Xiao Zuo has never been in the villa often so he stood and strolled around curiously.

The seven-year-old child was fresh to everything, with sharp eyes and always keen on digging up something.

He entered the kitchen and was prepared to dig into the refrigerator when he spotted two cups on the dining table by chance.

Two delicate jade and porcelain cups also painted with a graffiti with two cartoon smiley faces. Two cups, which when placed side by side formed a pair.

Since Fang Chixia has moved in with Luo Yibei, whether it was in their home or here, basically everything inside was a set. Traces of her presence could be spotted anywhere.

Doodles such as on the cup are everywhere.

She has never paid attention to whatever she painted, unknowingly painting the cups for a couple.

“Huh?” Xiao Zuo stayed in the kitchen, staring at those two cups for quite some time. Then his lips bent up a little bit.

In the upstairs room, Fang Chixia has been listening noiselessly to the movements below since Luo Yibei went down.

She hoped that Luo Yibei could take Grandpa and Xiao Zuo out. Who knew that after he went down, not only did he not only mention anything of the like, he even chatted Luo Enqi up.

Fang Chixia lingered upstairs, her heart thumping jumpily.

The whole villa has too many things carrying traces of her. She was in cold sweat of Xiao Zuo and Luo Enqi discovering something.

With her heart hanging on the line, she suddenly heard a cry from Xiao Zuo downstairs, “Grandpa, Grandpa, let me tell you of a big discovery!”

Xiao Zuo’s excited voice couldn’t be concealed from the listening Fang Chixia.

He wasn’t a talkative child, but in front of the Luo Family, he was especially conversant and anything will be told to Luo Enqi.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Enqi turned his gaze on him as he put his arms around him.

Xiao Zuo grinned at Luo Yibei and raised a beautiful ceramic cup on his hand.

He was overcome with excitement earlier, but at this moment, he wasn’t saying anything, just looking at him with a grin.

Luo Yibei glanced at the cup he was holding and the expression on his face slightly stiffened but he quickly recovered his usual indifference.



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