TOCH – Chapter 280

Chapter 280: Go and overturn his sheets

Luo Yibei was caught off guard and obviously hasn’t expected this move from her.

“Go out first!” Fang Chixia didn’t withdraw back immediately. She just looked at him up close and asked once more.

Her jumbled gaze gave Luo Yibei the feeling of bumping into a woman in a secret affair.

This reaction from her made Luo Yibei somewhat upset for no reason.

He narrowed his eyes, but didn’t say a deal, nor spoke in disagreement.

Outside the door, the footsteps were getting closer.

The two seemed to have gone to Luo Yibei’s original master bedroom next door. Probably not finding anyone, the sound gradually approached the room they were in.

Fang Chixia’s gaze snapped anxiously in the direction of the doorway. Then, she shook the man again, “Luo Yibei!”

Luo Yibei still ignored her, and not even the corners of his lips tilt a bit.

Xiao Zuo and Luo Enqi’s footsteps were still approaching, and finally they stopped directly outside the door.

Fang Chixia’s jittery eyes glanced around the room and seeing the bathroom, she tried to get out of bed to sprint there.

Just as her foot landed on the carpeted floor, her wrist was captured and was pulled back followed by her whole person tumbling down into the bed.

Before she could react to anything yet, her vision blackened as if covered —

Simultaneously when the door was pushed open.

Xiao Zuo and Luo Enqi stood at the door, grinning and searching through the room. Seeing only one person in the bed, Xiao Zuo sighed with disappointment, “Alas, there really is no beautiful sister!”

“Children, you think too much!” Luo Enqi patted him on the head.

Xiao Zuo faced him and mischievously spat out his tongue. He looked at Luo Yibei, who was still sitting on the bed and pushed door wider. He walked in and offered diligently, “Brother, I’ll help you!”

The little figure rushed over and stared at the frame, with the intent of lifting the sheets.

Luo Yibe’s brows twisted slightly, following his movements quietly. When his hand was about to reach out his arm intercepted in blankly.

An action that made Xiao Zuo look up at him in question.

“I’ll do it myself. Go downstairs and wait for me. I’ll come down in a few minutes.” Luo Yibei waved his hands without any change in his expressions.

Xioa Zuo pouted at his indifferent attitude, turned to the door and pulled Luo Enqi downstairs.

The door was closed afterwards.

In the hallway, the footsteps of the two slowly drifted away.

After blinking at the closed door, Luo Yibei glanced back at the sheet that he had covered.

“Miss Fang, do you need me to help you?” Staring somewhere in the slightly bulging sheet, his voice was clearly serious, but the tone, listening to it somehow brought a lustrous taste.

“You should go downstairs to deal with them. If you can, think of ways to take them out, huh?” Fang Chixia jerked the sheet open and pleadingly stared at him.

Luo Yibei lent deaf ears to her pleading. He got himself out of the bed and in front of her face, casually untied the bathrobe he wore then put on a pair of casual trousers and a shirt. His clothes were put on lazily across his shoulders as he headed downstairs.

Giving her no response whether he was amenable to it.

Fang Chixia couldn’t fathom his purpose going downstairs. She could only wait upstairs for whatever development there was.

Downstairs, Xiao Zuo has been holding his head in deep contemplation.

“Grandpa, have you noticed that Yibei brother is strange?”




6 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 280”

  1. Xiao Zuo is one smart cookie. Grandpa has to suspect that there was a woman in that bed. How much can hide under a sheet?


  2. I wonder what chapter they reveal their relationship to the public and Lou Yibei’s family ?…..Thanks for the chapter


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