Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Strange background

“Look for someone to investigate the identity of Achen’s uncle-” Feng Chuge thought it over and over again and finally ordered.

The appearance of this uncle was too bizarre. Even if Achen also acknowledged that this person was his uncle, she was still a little worried.

The clash with Feng Zhaoyang the other day has made her heart still vigilant.

Zilan was aware of the cautiousness of her master so she nodded in answer.


The rockery was rocky, the trees were shady, pavilions were lined up everywhere, the pool was clear and the gallery was carved splendidly like a painting.

Sunlight scattered over the trees, through the branches, as if sprinkled in a place of shredded jade.

In the octagonal gazebo built by the lake, within a pavilion, a woman garbed in blue flowing silk lay reclining on a soft bed of white jade, with the breeze blowing her gossamer silk sleeves, but picturing the woman’s relaxed appearance.

Her eyebrows were curved delicately, slender but contains an immeasurable strength. Long lashes spread like fans and were cast in two pairs of eyes on a flawless face.

Suddenly, she opened her narrow phoenix eyes, which seemed to gather all the treasures of the world, containing the colorful flow of light, but also clear with no waves….

“Did you find it?”

As the cold sound fell, Biluo flew in from a distance.

“Miss, Fengyuelou couldn’t find any information on this person. They only found out that he had just appeared in Tianqi two days ago. Moreover, some people have discovered that although he was also looking for someone, it was definitely not as much as he has mentioned, looking for Achen’s family. Apart from that, he said that he was about to take refuge in his relatives here when a calamity happened in his hometown wasn’t right. It’s obvious that with his considerable strength, he shouldn’t have fallen to this point.”

“Oh?” Feng Chuge sat up straight with a hint of interest in her eyes.

Sure enough… things were not as simple as he has said.

“Miss, this uncle is really weird. Do you want to …” said Biluo, with one hand paddling through her neck and making a “kill” gesture.

“Observer some more days, I think he’s good for Achen.”

This uncle was indeed good for Achen. But these two days gave her a feeling. It was more like a loyal subordinate treating his master.

But…. Was it possible?

Achen was but a child abandoned by his parents. How could he have such a background?

Unless, she has always guessed wrong.

Feng Chuge’s eyes shrank once more.

On the day she has rescued Achen, he was like a child thrown in the wilderness. Whenever she mentioned his parents, Achen’s mood always took the downturn so Feng Chuge concluded that this little devil was abandoned by his parents.

But at this point, it seemed she was wrong.

While she was pondering on it, Biluo suddenly made noise, “Right, Miss. Our men found out that that uncle had been out of the residence three times and only came back at dawn….”

Feng Chuge raised her eyes revealing a few shades of light at this information.

She stood up and headed to a place.

“Miss, where are you going?”

I”ll go meet that uncle –“


In Achen’s room, he was sitting up on one side.

Bei Xuan was standing underneath.

“Master, everything you have ordered has been carried out. But, the dean of Yuntian Academy was terrified when he heard that you were going to his school.”

Achen nodded, “All right, good job –“

The master’s praise elicited a smile on Bei Xuan’s face.

The master hasn’t praised him for such a long time!

“Master, after you go to Yuntian Academy, when will you return to Tiandifu?”

Achen raised his eyes and those dark pupils shot straight to Bei Xuan.

That look instantly made Bei Xuan’s hair stretch upright.

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