EP – Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Acting chaste in front of me, are you?

“Call?” Li Yichun snickered outside. “Then report and see if the police will help you or me!”

“Little girl, you’d as well open the door. Otherwise, it’d be too late to cry for mercy when the key arrives.”

“Yes, come out and beg our Chief Li’s forgiveness. Uncle won’t hurt you!”

Listening to the sneer of everyone outside, Ning Xiaofei gritted her teeth and dialed the emergency number.

“Hello, I… I’m calling the police. I’m at Tang Gong, 306, there are… someone wants to kill me!”

The police aren’t so sensitive to minor scuffles. The best way was to exaggerate matters and they’ll quickly respond.

At the same time, she heard the arrival of someone outside followed by the turning of the knob. The squeaking sound of the door lock opening hurried Ning Xiaofei in pocketing her phone. She immediately rushed forward and using the air freshener in her hand, she forcefully knocked the door handle in an attempt to destroy the knob.

The excessive strength she exerted ended up with her fingers hitting the door knob then blood oozed out from a cut, but the knob remained in place.

“Here’s the key!”

“Open the door!”


Listening to the voices of the crowd, Ning Xiaofei’s little face paled even more so. Disregarding the pain in her fingers, she turned around to look once more. She grabbed the toilet lid and with her puny strength, tried her best to detach it.

She pulled twice while paying attention to the muffled sound outside. The doorknob suddenly crooked to one side.

“The lock seems broken!”

“That dead girl must have broken it!”

Li Yichun snorted, “Damn. Kick it open. I will pay for the damages. Today, if I will not make this little monk kneel before me, I will not be surnamed Li!”

Someone lifted his foot and kicked the door with force.

Ning Xiaofei shrank back to the corner with her toilet lid, nervously tightening her body. She grabbed the toilet lid with her fingers and crouched down shivering.

In her pocket, her phone rang.

Thinking that it was the police calling back, she skipped looking at the screen and swiped the answer button in panic.

“You…. Come quickly. They are the kicking the door. Please hurry!”

“Where are you?”

On the other end of the line, the voice of the man, low and deep asked urgently.

Mu…. Mu Tianye?!


Another blow landed on the bathroom door leading to the whole bathroom walls shaking.

Ning Xiaofei was totally scared at heart. With her hoarse voice, she immediately screamed.

“Husband, help!”

At the end of the phone, Mu Tianye heard her voice changing. His phone was clenched tight nervously before he roared.

“Stupid, where are you!”

“Tang…Tang Gong, 306!”


Without taking his jacket, Mu Tianye pulled the door of the apartment open and rushed to the elevator. He quickly dialed a number.

“Go to Tang Gong, 306 immediately. If anything happens to Ning Xiaofei, I’ll rip your skin off!”

Lifting his other hand, he pressed on the floor button. He then dialed Zhou Tao’s number.

“Bring the car back, now!”

Zhou Tao hurriedly ordered the driver to turn the car around. He just drove to the door of the community and saw Mu Tianye rushing over and pulling the car that had not stopped yet to sit in the back seat.




Ning Xiaofei shrunk and listened to the sound of the people kicking the door. Her heart trembled with the shaking of the walls.


The door couldn’t withstand such jostling so after a while, it shrieked and parted.

“Ning Xiaofei, have you thought where else you could escape to?” Li Yichun smiled sardonically and stared down at Ning Xiaofei in the bathroom. “Acting chaste in front of me, are you? Drag her to me!”

Several men and women immediately broke into the bathroom with evil smiles, heading for the Ning Xiaofei in the corner.

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