Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Achen’s uncle

As he spoke, he blinked two teary eyes….


The tail of Achen’s words have just fallen when the sound of a heavy objects hitting the ground outside reverberated.

Only also at this moment did Feng Chuge caught a whiff of a different breath outside.

Zilan jerked the door open and saw an man garbed in black lying on the ground as if he has fallen from a high altitude.

Yesterday’s events has put them on high alert. So soon after it, having a stranger in the residence, the few people there have immediately looked around in vigilance.

Feng Chuge placed the bowl down and without speaking to Achen flew out of the room….

Bei Xuan has never foreseen such mishap to happen.

He was originally perfectly concealed. It was just that he was truly shaken by Di Jue Chen’s words…

In his inattention, he has fallen from the sky.

He just wanted to jump up and flee, but suddenly heard a cough inside.

Bei Xuan stopped on his tracks.

Feng Chuge’s skill was indeed fast, and she has caught up with Bei Xuan.

“Who are you?” Her tone was filled with murder….

Bei Xuan did not dare to resist this woman.

He can understand that his master was particularly petting for this woman.

If he resists, then the master will decide how to punish him.

His lips opened but didn’t know how to respond.

About the same moment, Achen came out from the room. After looking at Bei Xuan, he spat out a word without blinking an eye, “Uncle, you are here.”


The corner of Bei Xuan’s lips quivered violently.

When did he become the master’s uncle?

And Feng Chuge, when she heard Achen calling this black-garbed man, the bottom her eyes revealed deep doubts. “Are you Achen’s uncle?”

Bei Xuan raised his head and confronted the eyes of his master. He could feel a prickling sensation in his. “Haha, yeah, I’m his uncle.”

Looking at the man black in front of her, Feng Chuge frowned, but in the end called out, “Come in first…”

“Haha… Okay, ah…” Bei Xuan laughed twice, and followed Feng Chuge into the house in trepidation.

“Since you’re Achen’s uncle, why do you sneak around outside?”

Bei Xuan tried to smile, but clearly felt the terrifying sight of the master.

That was clearly a warning not to create more trouble for him….

“It’s like this. the other day, it was said that there was a child here. I heard people describing him like my nephew, but I couldn’t confirm it, so I wanted to come and have a look first.”

That also made sense.

Feng Chuge nodded and turned to smile with some relief. “Achen still has relatives. That’s great.”

With that said, she was reminded of another matter again. “I thought about sending you to someone else’s house after half a month. Now, it doesn’t seem to be necessary… Achen’s injury has almost recovered. Uncle, did you want to take him away?”

Bei Xuan was not stupid. He was well aware that the master was staying for this woman.

If he really were to take the master away, he’s afraid that he wouldn’t eating once they’re back.

So, he slid his head down.

Suddenly, he burst in tears –

“There has been a disaster in my hometown and even the house was gone so I thought of taking refuge in my nephew’s home. It was only here that I found out that my nephew’s family had met an accident. It was also just now that I found Achen.” Bei Xuan once again cried bitter tears.

Was this easy?  Just so he could protect his family, the mighty Di Jue Chen of Tiandifu was made to act poorly here….

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