Chapter 81

Chapter 81: First beautiful man

Although he has been regarded the first beautiful man in the mainland, the master has never been close to any female.

In Tiandifu, if a woman dares to touch him, he would even kill the woman.


The master willing to stay in so many places with this woman…

This was unthinkable!!

Bei Xuan thought about this, sighed a little, then raised himself and went out.

It was only a moment of effort, like a ghost flashing in the air, very fast.

This speed, if Feng Chuge were to witness it, she’d be totally floored.

Because… such strength was beyond what she could match! !


The next day, the azure sky brightened up beautifully.

Feng Chuge woke up early and went into the kitchen.

This diligence, it really made the maids completely speechless.

Surprised, but can only lament on the difference between the lady and Achen.

They have been with the Miss for six years, but they have never seen her like this.

Achen’s room.

Seeing that was awake and looked his usual self, Feng Chuge was relieved. “Don’t run around later on. Understand? Do you know what happened yesterday? You said you will stay in your room. When you were caught by Zhaoyang, what if something went wrong?”

“Woman… You are concerned about me.” Achen broke into a faint smile, his lips curved up.

“Yes…. you’ve made people worried…” The “little boy” that was about to come out of Feng Chuge’s mouth was forcibly swallowed down.

She still remembers that because of this, this rascal has thrown a tantrum the day before.

She stroked Achen’s hair and sighed helplessly. “After half a month, I’ll have to go to Yuntian Academy. I will find a good family for you. I’ll let you stay with them first. You have to listen to them later on, understand?”

Achen raised his eyes and asked with some interest. “Weren’t you interested in getting into Yuntian Academy?”

Feng Chuge’s brows wavered a bit. “There’s no other way… Zilan, this girl wants to go to Yuntian Academny and then go to Tiandifu to see the first beautiful man in the mainland. I’m only accompanying her.”

Zilan, who was standing by the door, listened to this and blinked.

When have she said this?

“The first beautiful man?” A ray of amusement sparkled in Achen’s eyes. “You also want to see what the first beautiful man looks like?”

“Oh, me? It doesn’t matter…” Feng Chuge bowed her head and looked at Achen’s enchanting face. She reached out and started kneading his face. “Having Achen is eye-catching enough…”

“Ah… let go…” Achen protested, but his protests were in vain, he just let Feng Chuge indulge in his tender face…

Outside the room, Bei Xuan, hiding in a hidden corner, looked at everything happening in the room, but his mouth had long been shocked into a wide “O” shape.

God, —-

He never knew that his master could show such air.

He has also never known that his master would not blow his top after being played by a woman with the palms of her hands.

Look, there were even a few flashes of satisfaction in the master’s eyes.

Being able to witness these, Bei Xuan’s lips couldn’t help but twitched.

If he had not met the master last night, he would not have believed that the child in front of him was the famous Di Jue Chen!!

In the room, Feng Chuge finally let go of Achen.

The porridge has almost cooled down on the side.

“Come, drink this…”

“The lady should feed me-” Achen leaned to one side, a natural look as it could be.

“Do it yourself.”

“But… last night, I was very scared-“

TLN: Finally able to update this. Sorry for the wait. I’ll do another in a little while 🙂

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