EP – Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Leave me alone!

“I’m not a star. Let her do as she pleases!”

“You still don’t know reporters. They’re unruly, lest the world would not be chaotic. In short, you should be more careful… Don’t forget, you are Mrs. Mu!” On the other end of the phone, Ye Qiao smiled ambiguously. “How did you deal with your family. That wouldn’t be a contract in bed, right?”

Because on WeChat, Ning Xiaofei only mentioned that she had won the bet. Ye Qiao naturally thought that she was able to enlist her husband, not Xicheng.

“Screw you!” Ning Xiaofei’s face was stained with red. “I have a package and have no time to talk to you.”

“You are no longer a minor. No need to be shy!”

Ye Qiao teased her again before hanging up.

Putting the phone on the table, Ning Xiaofei glanced at the delivery address, only to see the sender’s column, empty, with only her address and name on it.

She broke the seal of the envelope doubtfully and reached in, finding an envelope.

Inside the envelope was a credit card and a thin piece of stationery.

“You can swipe this card at will when you are short of money. You don’t have to worry about repayment. The password is your birthday.”

Finally, a signature: Ning Zhiqiu.

Reading this name, Ning Xiaofei immediately smashed the stationery into a mash of paper and threw it into the trash can.

She pulled out a pair of scissors from the drawer, cut the credit card into several pieces, then got a hold of her phone to take a picture. She sent the photo to the number in her phone book that has never been dialed.

Accompanying the photo was a brief message containing only three words.

“Leave me alone!”

For this man, Ning Xiaofei only has resentment. She would rather owe Mu Tianye a favor rather than use a penny from him.

After sending the text message, she threw the pieces into the trash and then dialed a phone number.

“Xu Shushu, I am Ning Xiaofei. I am sorry for bothering you. You see…The general manager of Liantuo Financial, do you know?… Is that so… Well, thank you. I am sorry for the bother!”

Hanging up the phone, she raised her hand and crossed out a person’s name on a small notebook, then dialed her third call.

“Boss Li, I am Ning Xiaofei, the niece of Ji Zichuan. How have you been recently?… Well, that, do you know the general manager of Liantuo Financial? Then… Can you introduce me?…”


After making a few calls, there was no result.

Ning Xiaofei got up and fetched a glass of water. She took out a burger in her bag and held her phone for another call. She dialed a number and continued to work hard.

She has already identified several prospects. Now, she wants to use all of her connections to try and see if she could still bring these successful people in the business world to get on the line. Trying to find another way to discover another guest.

However, her intent was far from smooth.

In order to ensure the visibility of the guests on the show, she has chosen a figure like Mu Tianye, either a business legend, or a brand trailblazer …

Such people were of course exceptionally busy.

It was hard for someone she knows to help her find their contact number. But the phone call was picked up, it was only their assistants. Not waiting for her to speak clearly, thinking that she was pulling an advertising, they directly refused her.

Feeling that this strategy wasn’t the one to go with, Ning Xiaofei simply stuffed the program plan, her company ID and so into her schoolbag and carried it out.

How could such an insignificant individual like her easily meet these prominent figures.

Either the other person was not there, or let her make an appointment. There was also even another, where she was threatened by the security guard to be driven out…

All the way to dusk, things haven’t progressed even half.

Watching the sky turning dark, Ning Xiaofei could only drag her exhausted self back to Lanting Apartment.

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  1. Thank you once again.
    I can feel her resentment towards her father.
    Its too late.
    It really is too late.

    Thank you for your new chapter.

    Waiting for more.



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