TOCH – Chapter 271-272

Chapter 271: Didn’t know that he’ll be worried about her

The window was lowered and Luo Yibei’s face came to view.

Seeing him as soon as she came out surprised Fang Chixia a bit.

Given the late hour, his appearance at such a place could have moved her a bit.

But seeing his cold face, the little bubbles that just rose up from her chest instantly disappeared.

His frosty countenance coupled by his icy gaze gave her the feeling as if she was being interrogated.

Pushing the car door open, he got off the car and yelled at her. “What time is it? Didn’t you know how to get home at this time? This is just a contract signing. If they don’t sign, you can just walk away and that’s the end of it. What good was it to wait? I’ve made so many call, but you never answered. Didn’t you know…”

He raged and said a lot in a row, angry, but before he could finished, he was coldly interrupted by Fang Chixia, “Didn’t know what?”

Compared with his temper, she asked gently.

With her head raised and eyes on him, her countenance was so gentle that it was as if it was irrelevant to anything.

Lou Yibei’s face darkened and his eyes turned sharp.

“Would you be worried?” She asked again, but now with a touch of sarcasm.

Luo Yibei’s face sank even more.

Fang Chixia witnessed the change and retreated a few steps.

Her caustic remarks were indeed sarcastic at first.

To be precise, they were supposed to be self-depreciating.

She felt that Luo Yibei shouldn’t be concerned about her.

But the moment the words left her mouth and at the sight of his ugly face, she realized what she was doing and snapped back to her senses at once. She marched to the car nonchalantly, “It’s very late, let’s go back first!”

It wasn’t that she was afraid of him. She just doesn’t want to provoke him in the middle of the street.

She moved just two steps when the man behind her yelled once more, “Stop!”

Fang Chixia paid him no attention, not only did she stop, she even hastened her steps almost running towards the car.

A fool would stop!

His temper has now been ignited from her provocation. Just in case as he had done the last time, tossing her up on the street, she’d have no face to go out tomorrow!

She sprinted so fast and her petite figure arrived in front of the car in no time at all.

Pulling the door of the rear seat, she made a move to sit down but before she could, another figure blocked the door before her.

Luo Yibei halted just right in front of her, eyes looking down coldly at her. The sharpness even made her a bit creep out.

“Let’s go back first! Let’s talk at home if there’s anything else to do!” Fang Chixia had had the experience being tossed by him on the street before. She was a bit afraid of him acting unreasonably so she shove him away wanting to drill into the car.

Her action bore no fruit at all as her waist was suddenly encircled. Before she could react to anything, her body, under his manoeuvre was then slammed against the car behind her.

Such a posture made Fang Chixia feel at risk.

Luo Yibei leaned against her, arms propped up on both sides of her body. The chilly eyes trained on her were cool as ice with not the least bit of temperature, “We are you going when we haven’t finished talking yet?”

“Go home first!” Fang Chixia shove him again and braced herself for a quick escape but was actually pressed back by him.

“Why haven’t you answered your phone?” Luo Yibei asked slowly as he looked down questioningly at her, his commanding stance bore no space for escape.

“Phone? My phone was muted before. I forgot to tune it back.” Fang Chixia fished out her phone in her bag and was startled at the few missed calls.

She really hasn’t noticed….


Chapter 272

Fang Chixia counted the missed calls, a total of six of which were all from Luo Yibei.

Fang Chixia stared dazedly at the missed calls record and then looked up at him in bewilderment.

Was he worried about her, or was it because she was with Fei Si Nuo?

“Did you stay inside all this time?” Luo Yibei remained detached as he asked again.

His wintry tone from beginning to end and chilly eyes that flayed her upfront drove her back unconsciously.

She tried to open up a space between them and considered her wording. She explained herself, “When I arrived at noon, there was a bit of a problem so he didn’t sign the contract. After Fei Si Nuo went busy, I waited outside for him for a long time.”

Luo Yibei blinked and on hand rested on the side of her body. In the same flat tone, he asked, “Why didn’t you walk away?”

He asked so perfunctorily as if the matter had no relevance to his own interests.

Fang Chixia’s brows knitted at this question. She snarled in disbelief, “Wasn’t this for your family? Wouldn’t it be a pity to bury the friendly relations that have been built up over the years?”

She snapped back quite loudly and Luo Yibei who was inexplicably yelled at assumed an stunned expression.

Fang Chixia who was still immersed on her outburst, after she finished, again came back to Earth, realizing what she had done. She turned her head on the side awkwardly and pushed him as if nothing has happened, “Let go.”

Luo Yibei glanced at the hand on his chest, but instead of brushing it away, he captured it instead.

Fang Chixia stiffened and pulled her wrist back. However, Luo Yibei tightened his hold and refused to let go.

“For the Luo Family?” He leaned closer and cocked a brow.

Fang Chixia was well too aware that he didn’t like her involving herself with the Luo Family too much so she quickly changed her tone, “I was just in charge. I won’t do so again next time.”

She kept her eyes on Luo Yibei’s face quietly observing him, thinking that he would again misunderstand her.

Who knew that he would face her haughtily and even proudly return, “The Luo’s way is never an insult. If you ever encounter similar matters, just turn around and leave”.

Fang Chixia was startled, somewhat astonished at the absence of his usual cynicism.

Luo Yibei took another lingering look at her face. Compared with a moment ago, his stance has somewhat eased but his arrogant remark was further supplemented, “This kind of thing won’t be considered a pity for the Luo Family!”

Luo Yibei withdrew from her and then turned to leave. As if he had thought of something, he suddenly turned back.

Fang Chixia was just ready to straighten up, but due to his sudden move, was again pressed back. She eyed him with vigilance, curious at this behavior.

“Right.” Luo Yibei stretched out his long arm, took her phone from her hand and then helped her adjust the mute into her ringtone. Then, he spat out another command, “In the future, your phone must remain open 24 hours all the time!”

His overbearing comand, in their current posture, it would be disadvantageous for Fang Chixia to rebut. So, she could only passively nod, “I know.”

Luo Yibei was quite satisfied with her answer. One hand that was holding her waist pulled her up.

He opened the door and then walked to the other side. Fang Chixia followed suit and the two drove back to the villa afterwards.



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