Chapter 79

Chapter 79: The flesh is too old making it difficult to swallow

Feng Zhaoyang wanted to escape, but his speed was incomparable to Feng Chuge’s.

Just as he leaped up to flee to the other side, the air blade flew straight across his waist —

The bloody smell flooded the entire forest.

Perhaps, the forest has awakened by the bloody odor all around.

Deep into the woods, the cry of beasts became more and more evident.

Feng Chuge looked coldly at both sides and then at Feng Zhaoyang who was cut down into two. The smile that was spread upon her face appeared even more sinister…

If someone provokes her, she’d give back tit for tat in a fair play!

If someone schemes against her, she’ll return it a thousand times more!!

Her eyes narrowed into slits as she finally leaped up, carrying Achen and then exited the forest….

At the edge of the forest, Zilan and the other two were still waiting.

At the sight of Feng Chuge coming out, someone cried out before she could land.

“Haha… I won, I won. Remember to pay me when we get back!” Biluo exclaimed triumphantly.

Zilan and Luzhu could only exchange glances and then focused back on Feng Chuge….

“Miss, how could you settle everything so fast? It didn’t even take an incense stick…..”

“Yeah… Miss, we were betting on when will you come out…” Luzhu, who has always been silent, couldn’t help but insert, too.

Feng Chuge just grinned. “Ending everything early, we can go back for rest early. Coming out in the middle of the night into the woods would affect our beauty.”

With that said, Feng Chuge yawned.

“What’s wrong with young master Achen? Was he poisoned?” Zilan asked Feng Chuge after seeing that Achen remained unconscious.

“En… Feng Zhaoyang has injected him with narcotics. I’ll detoxify him once when we go back.”

“That Feng Zhaoyang is truly despicable. He could even think of this method to deal with Miss. He must have never foreseen that doing so was only tantamount to digging his own grave.” Zilan couldn’t help but ridicule.

In this world, the person who shouldn’t be provoked was their own miss……

In the past six years, they’ve been accompanying their Miss in Fengyuelou. Nobody knew best the temper of their Miss than them.

Biluo agreed with a nod and then thought of another matter. She took one step forward, “Miss, their bodies….”

A playful glint flashed deep in Feng Chuge’s eyes.

“So today, the wild beasts in this forest are in luck for having delicious treats to eat ~ I just hope they won’t think that Feng Zhaoyang’s flesh was too old and too hard to swallow – “

“…” The three on the side looked at each other a few times and then smiled.

This kind of ending for Feng Zhaoyang was completely self-inflicted!!


Holding Achen, Feng Chuge and her troop headed for their residence.

It was not until they came back that serenity throughout the residence was restored.

Laying Achen on the bed, Feng Chuge sat on one side and then examined Achen who still has his eyes closed.

At a glance, his face was pale.

In this manner, without his usual pretense when he was up and about, his face finally assumed that of a child.

“When Achen is sleeping, he looks like a normal child.” Zilan on the sideline couldn’t help but blurt out.

Feng Chuge lightly hooked her lips up.

If he were an ordinary child, he wouldn’t be Achen….

Feng Chuge took a medicine bottle from the shelf on the wall and fed him a pill.

Once the pill is ingested, Achen will be completely detoxified. Of course, it will also make him sleep until the next morning.

Noticing that the paleness on Achen’s face has made great improvement, Feng Chuge got up. “All right, go and have a rest. It’s not yet too late….”

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