TOCH – Chapter 268

Chapter 268: He’s waiting for you at the hotel

Luo Yibei took the note and left as quickly as he could, not even sparing her even a moment of stay.

Fang Chixia followed him and the two left the restaurant into the car together.

Fang Chixia thought that Luo Yibei would be handling this matter in person. Luo Yibei himself was planning on the same thing when they got in the car.

However, before he could start the engine, he received a call from the company informing him and urgent matter.

After he hung up, he turned to Fang Chixia.

“What’s the matter?” Fang Chixia asked in bewilderment.

“There’s another urgent contract I have to deal with immediately back at the company. Can you go?” Presumably realizing this matter wasn’t an easy task, he seemed hesitant asking her. There was no demand in his tone, just for her opinion.

Luo Yibei meant that Fang Chixia need not go if she wasn’t willing to.

Fang Chixia was reluctant to handle it. Fei Si Nuo seemed to be careless, very shrewd, and a little dangerous. She was a little worried she couldn’t cope.

Fang Chixia has always been smart and an average opponent wasn’t that hard to deal with contend with.

It’s just that she feels unsettled whenever she meets Fei Si Nuo.

Guessing that she wasn’t happy with the task from her silence, Luo Yibei didn’t say anything and just fired the engine. When he moved so they could leave, Fang Chixia pressed his wrist.

“I’ll try it. I will return to the company later.” She took the not from his hand and got down from the car.

Luo Yibei left soon afterwards. Fang Chixia took the bus to the hotel where Fei Si Nuo was staying following the directions and the phone number written by Su Rui.

The way the royal family enters the stage, their ostentation is trully bizarre.

The resort hotel where Fei Si Nuo was like a whole village wrapped down into silence.

From the moment Fang Chixia walked down, not to mention other guests, not even a waiter was in sight.

She only saw the Royal Guards who were trained to patrol.

Fang Chixia made her way inside slowly while thinking of Fei Si Nuo’s identity.

Su Rui was a princess. However, in front of him, she had no say.

This proves that if Fei Si Nuo wasn’t the crown prince, he was a nobleman with absolute power.

“Miss Fang?” When she arrived at the hotel lobby, a hotel waiter who was specially responsible for reception greeted her.

“I am”

“Please come with me.”

The man led her straight to a huge dining area.

At this moment, the dining area resembled a garden outside, but nobody was there.

The whole area was lit by candle light and the scented candles of various colrs were placed in every corner of the dining hall. The orange glow was very light but warm.

It was furnished beautifully, with rose petals scattered around it, as if specially designed, as if decorated on purpose.

Fei Si Nuo entered at the other end of the dining hall. His pace gradually slowed down, looking at her with the glow of the candle lights magnifying the smile on his lips.

His aura was totally different from Luo Yibei. Luo Yibei belonged to the cold-indifferent type while he belonged to the evil-enchanting type, which seemed to disperse invisibly around giving people an oppressive force.

This man must be a fox who has been existence for thousands of years!

This has been Fang Chixia’s first impression on him.

“I didn’t expect that in a few minutes after we separated, we’ll meet again, Miss Fang!” Fei Si Nuo approached her slowly, pulled back one of the chairs and sat down while his eyes stayed on her face.



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