Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Patricide!

No one was able to clearly see how Feng Chuge moved. They only felt a gust of wind and in the next moment, the yellow clad woman landed not far away holding that child in her arms….

Feng Zhaoyang’s eyes widened, not knowing if it was of surprise or fear.

Or course he knew that Feng Chuge wasn’t a waste. He also knew that Feng Chuge’s strength was above his. He just didn’t expect her speed to be so winged.

Just now, he almost completely didn’t see Feng Chuge’s shot….

Feng Chuge held Achen and leaned against a tree not far away. She raised a brow, “Feng Zhaoyang, since everything came to this, let me also give you something in return. I’ll give you two choices.”

As she spoke, the smile on her lips grew brighter.

But in the next moment, she raised her head with eyes cold as ice, “Take your own life, or, I’ll do it for you -“

Not a trace of warmth could be detected from that wintry voice.

In this wooded forest, it became more terrifying.

Not far away, a cry from a beast could be heard.

Only at this moment did the people standing behind Feng Zhaoyang felt their hair standing upright.

Feng Zhaoyang was unable to process everything ending so fast.

Fear began to cloud his eyes —

“Feng Chuge…. I’ve already sent a letter to Yuntian Academy. If anything happens to us, it will be piled on you Feng Chuge. When my son graduates from Yuntian Academy, you will certainly not have a good end!!

“Oh… Are you threatening me?” Feng Chuge lifted a brow. “But…why wait till he graduates? Why didn’t you wait for me to enter Yuntian Academy half a month later and let me enter your mighty son’s mouth?”

With that said, Feng Chuge’s figure flashed fleetingly again —

Her whole body exuded a fierce momentum.

Everyplace she landed, the momentum acted like blades, paddling across the people around her.

Mournful cries began to reverberate around.

Finally, the surroundings settled down…

Feng Zhaoyang turned his head, looking behind at the fallen corpses. His pupils constricted and was caught panic-stricken….

She has killed so many all at once.

It was no different from stepping on an ant!!

Just how powerful was her strength??

This time, Feng Zhaoyang felt real fear.

He even began to regret his foolish behavior….

In front of him, after the yellow clad woman as solved the others, a touch of smile could be seen on her face as she slowly approached him.

It was clearly an enchanting smile, but in the eyes of Feng Zhaoyang at the moment, it was the devil’s incarnate.

He kept retreating… “Feng Chuge… I… I’m your father… You…. If you you dare kill me, it’s patricide!!”

“Father?” Feng Chuge smiled wryly. “Didn’t you and your cherish lady say that I’m a bastard? Since I was conceived and born by my mother in August, how do you prove that you are my father?”

Not to mention that Feng Zhaoyang was the biological father of this body.

Today, her soul from the modern times dominates this body.

She didn’t care about this blood relationship nonsense, family, that’s bullshit!

Today, Feng Zhaoyang has provoked her bottom line.

Feng Chuge was clear that if Feng Zhaoyang’s strength were above hers, then the corpses today would have been her and Achen!!

Feng Chuge sprang forward again. She raised her hand and at the same moment, another sharp air blade was shot from her palm, making a beeline towards Feng Zhaoyang!!

2 thoughts on “Chapter 78”

  1. Who know that seemingly little Achen is the very powerful one, I feel one xiao ge has a grasp on this it’ll be too late to regret her previous decision ah~ My poor xiao ge!


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