Chapter 77

Chapter 77: The forest appointment

Since the deal with the Hell’s Palace to eliminate with her was fruitless, coming up with this strategy wasn’t out of the question.

As they continued to infiltrate the forest, a voice with the might of a Spiritual Great Master reverberated mid-air.

“Feng Chuge, you can only come in alone. If there are other people, this little kid immediately dies.”

Feng Chuge came to a stop.

Her pupils slightly shrunk –

Just as she mentioned, this voice belongs to Feng Zhaoyang!!

“Wait outside, I will come out later…”

“Miss, it really is that old man Feng Zhaoyang. Miss, you mustn’t let him off!” Zilan also recognized Feng Zhaoyang’s voice and said furiously.

They weren’t worried about Feng Chuge at all. They are well aware of their own lady’s strength. Even if there were 10 Feng Zhaoyang out there, they won’t be their Miss’s match.

Feng Chuge blinked sharply but the twitch at the corner of her lips gave rise to a chill….

Of course, when thing has reached to this point, she certainly won’t let of Feng Zhaoyang.

This ending was all of Feng Zhaoyang’s doing!!

Rising from the ground, Feng Chuge flew in the direction where the voice came from in the forest.

Ahead were several torches ablaze.

Feng Chuge approached them and was soon able to see a regiment of people.

Among them, Feng Zhaoyang and a man garbed in black robes stood in front of the group.

Feng Zhaoyang’s face was full of gloom as he faced the yellow clad woman who came alone. The longer he looked, the fiercer his eyes became.

“What did you think of using a child? Has the Feng Master, who used to be so powerful, only has this ability left?” Feng Chuge landed on an empty spot. After examining Achen who was tied up unconscious, she sneered.

Her taunting smile was laden with pure murder.

Feng Zhaoyang wasn’t angered at all but amused instead…

“Feng Chuge, you really care about this kid. It looks like we got the right bait…”

With that, he signaled the man on his side.

The man responded and moved back to grab Achen’s neck.

“I don’t want so much nonsense. If you want to save this child, hand the Feng Residence’s deed first, then kill yourself here. Otherwise, he’s dead!!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the man who choked Achen clearly increased the strength on his neck.

Feng Chuge swept a glance at the Achen lying hostage unconsciously at the hands of the man and the coldness beneath her eyes drowned everything in her sight.

“Feng Zhaoyang… Did you think, you can beat me?” Feng Chuge lifted her eyes and sneered.

“I may not be able to do it before, but at the moment, you played right into my hands.” Feng Zhaoyang’s pair of eyes were brimming with hate.

These days, he has been investigating carefully. Feng Chuge was particularly fond of this child.

Today, Feng Zhaoyang planned to gamble.

Feng Zhaoyang smirked and continued to jeer, “Feng Chuge, you can choose not to do anything for this kid….”

Feng Chuge has been standing in the same place, blue silk swaying behind her.

Under the flickering flames, her cold face was all the more scary.

She suddenly stretched her lips and smiled –

“Feng Zhaoyang, all these, you only have yourself to blame!”

In a flash, the figure of Feng Chuge moved.

Like a ghost, her whole body flit especially fast.

In a moment of hard work, she went straight from the front to the man holding Achen and retrieved him….

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