TOCH – Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Rongxi, I have the final say

Su Rui was puzzled at Fei Si Nuo’s behavior at first.

There was no question, he also helped Fang Chixia last night. But now, there was no reason to embarrass her.

Watching him quietly, Su Rui pondered for a while, frowning suspiciously at him.

He dragged and refused to sign the contract. Was he looking into borrowing this opportunity to create more interactions with Fang Chixia?

Su Rui came into understanding, but she just couldn’t fathom it.

If this were true for Fei Si Nuo, then it’s a good thing for her as well.

It’s just right. She won’t sign the contract.

Having understood where Fei Si Nuo stands, Su Rui followed suit.

So long as Fei Si Nuo doesn’t meddle with her affairs, she won’t be bothered.

“What? How could Rongxi be so irresponsible? For such a huge signing of contract, could they just call anybody forth?” Wrapping her arms across her chest, Su Rui raised her chin up with disdain.

Fang Chixia’s brows wrinkled.

Was she being deliberately challenged?

At first glance, Fang Chixia has already expected that her task this time wouldn’t be so smooth. She looked her straight in the eyes and calmly dealt with it, “Sorry, I have the final say in the signing of this contract!”

She spoke not as sharply as Su Rui, with not a bit of waver in her voice. Light and faint, but the invisible boldness infiltrated her breath, with a point of pride, but at the same time unpretentious.

Everything has to be just right to suppress each other invisibly.

The fact was that Su Rui only uttered those purely in anger, how could she let go of Fang Chixia so easily?

Luo Yibei has personally acknowledged the relationship between them!

The woman who was authorized by Luo Yibei, plus the fact that they’re married, the identity of Fang Chixia was the young mistress of the Luo Family!

The young mistress has personally come forward, how could she be just anybody?

Su Rui was perfectly clear that Fang Chixia’s appearance wasn’t arranged by Rongxi at random. But she just couldn’t swallow this stone.

“We are only willing to negotiate with Yibei. If he doesn’t appear, then this contract ends here!” Su Rui tossed the file and acted high and mighty as her princess status allows.

Fang Chixia has already anticipated as much, so she turned her attention to Fei Si Nuo.

Fei Si Nuo shrugged helplessly.

Fang Chixia could feel a headache setting on her forehead. Staring at the two people for a while, she has no way to convince them so she could only stand up and leave.

Afterwards, she drove the car back directly to the company.

By the time she arrived, Luo Yibei back to his office.

He was changing clothes seemingly to attend a party. His shirt in the morning has been taken off and was replaced with a new one.

The piece he was wearing happened to be the one Fang Chixia has gifted. The white color, as soon as he wore it, appeared glamorous on him, presenting a noble and elegant visage.

“You’re back.” Seeing her, he greeted lazily.

“I failed. The contract wasn’t signed.” Fang Chixia thought back of Su Rui and felt a little depressed at heart.

Luo Yibei seemed to have expected it and returned just a faint “Oh”. He gestured her to approach him, “Help!”

He was buttoning his shirt and was halfway through.

He seemed to enjoy letting Fang Chixia perform such tasks, so his tone was naturally more pleasant.

Fang Chixia walked over to him and bowing her head down, helped him button his shirt up, one by one. “Those royalty asked you to go in person.”

“Su Rui?” Luo Yibei asked casually.

“Did you know? Fang Chixia paused and lifted her face up.



4 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 265”

  1. Yibei knew that Su Rui would cause problems. I think he sent Chixia to see how she would handle the situation as the company representative and as his wife.


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