TOCH – Chapter 264

Chapter 264: When enemies meet

Su Rui captured his reactions and casually slanted a glance at the side. At the glimpse of Fang Chixia alone, all her movements suddenly froze in place.

Why was she the only one who’s here?

Su Rui volunteered for this deal in order to meet Luo Yibei.

Since she entered the restaurant, she’d been unable to settle down, nervous and worried that she wasn’t presentable enough, all because of Luo Yibei.

However, now that Luo Yibei failed to come, she even wondered, was it because he didn’t like to see her?

At the thought of his relationship with Fang Chixia the last time they met, Su Rui fixed a gaze at her with guns and swords drawn.

Unbeknownst to Fang Chixia, she was to meet Su Rui. If she had known it was her, she would certainly declined coming here.

Su Rui has always looked at her with thorns in her eyes. Wasn’t this just digging a pit for herself?

What caught Fang Chixia even more off guard was that Fei Si Nuo was at the table, too!

What was with this situation?

Looking left and right at the two people, Fang Chixia took a second to calm herself down.

Was he… a royalty?

“What a coincidence!” Fei Si Nuo was bored the moment he arrived, but after seeing her, he finally came to a little spirit. He smiled as he sat upright and first greeted her.

Fang Chixia might have been surprised with Su Rui’s presence, but she still walked stiffly towards the two.

The moment she saw Su Rui, she could guess that the signing would be yellowed by herself.

Nevertheless, retreat has never been in her dictionary.

Since she accepted the job, she naturally has to thicken her scalps.

“Greetings to you both. I’m the representative sent by Rongxi.” Pulling the chair opposite the two, she sat down. Fang Chixia presented the contract in her hands in front of them, “Mr. Luo Yibei let me come. This contract is the same as that of the previous year when Rongxi signed with the royal family. First take a look at it. If you feel there’s no problem, we will sign it here immediately. What do you think?”

After her arrival, Su Rui has turned like a deflated rubber duck, leaning against the sofa, just staring at her, but not talking.

“Do you have any other concerns?” Fang Chixia’s gazed turned to Fei Si Nuo.

Fei Si Nuo himself was staring at her also, but his eyes weren’t as hostile as Su Rui. His dazed countenance was brimming with even a hint of interest.

Fang Chixia was quite discomfited. Pushing the documents in front of him, she raised her voice, “This gentleman!”

“What’s the matter?” Fei Si Nuo snapped back to his senses and lightly lifted his lashes, making him appear still dazed.

Fang Chixia was speechless. She repeated, “I just said, do you have other concerns?” If there aren’t, then please take a look at the contract first. Afterwards, why don’t we directly sign it?”

Her hunch was telling her that this Fei Si Nuo may look a bit bad, evil, and even strange, but he wasn’t one to create troubles for others.

Except that, he just glanced at her and pointed at Su Rui. Without batting an eyelid, he said, “I’m sorry. I’m only a companion. All decisions will be in this young lady’s hands.”

Su Rui was obviously uninformed with this sudden claim. She looked askance at him.

Su Rui was very clear that as long as she and Fei Si Nuo are together, any kind of power was absolutely in his hands.

Now that he has said such a thing, was he interested in her, too?

TLN: Sorry everyone. The weeks have been getting busier and busier. I got less time to update here. Anyway, nice knowing that everyone has been following the stories so far 🙂




6 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 264”

  1. Su Rui lost her chance to flirt with Yibei and Fei Si Nuo it getting geared up to flirt with Chixia. What a turn of events. But Rui may prove a difficult person to deal with because she only came to see Yibei.

    Thank you for this morsel . It’s delicious!!!!!


  2. Thank you for the chapter… your busy schedule still you have time to update this…please don’t stop translating this novel 🙂


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