Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Achen is missing

The Feng Residence was vast. With the four of them together with the newly bought minions of the residence, they almost searched every corner of the residence, but have found no one.

The evening light has nearly gone down, but the shadow of Achen couldn’t be traced in the entire residence.

Feng Chuge’s heart has been hanging and her cold face has now turned colder as ice.

“Miss… Achen must have gone out to play…”

“He would never say nothing and run out without leave.” Feng Chuge firmly exclaimed.

“Who has been on guard outside the gate?”

“Miss, I’ll go out and call them.” Zilan hurried outside.

Not long after, two guards came forward.

These guards on the gate were transferred from Fengyelou so they are completely trustworthy.

“Did you see Achen going out today”

The two guards shook their heads. “Nno Miss. Didn’t neither Miss nor the three maids go out today?”

“Did you see any strangers coming in?”

The guards shook their heads anew.

Feng Chuge’s eyes flashed once more. The ominous foreboding in her heart has grown even more profound….

Feng Chuge suddenly leaped up and went out….

“Miss, where are you going?” Zilan asked as they pursued her from behind.

Feng Chuge didn’t answer, but continued with a spurt.

At this moment, there was only one thought in her mind, that is —

Achen is missing!!

She has to go and find him!!

Feng Chuge has crossed the hair almost disappearing from the yard.

But, at the same moment, another guard hurried inside –

“Miss… A letter arrived!!”

Feng Chuge froze and turned around. She took the letter….

When thoroughly reading the letter, the temperature surrounding Feng Chuge has quickly plummeted down, cold as ice and no trace of warmth could be detected.

The bottom of her eyes were now sharp with killing intent!

She crushed the letter tightly in the palm of her hand….

“Miss, what’s wrong?” Zilan asked anxiously at the abnormal way Feng Chuge was reacting.

Feng Chuge blazed coldly –

“Achen has been captured!!”

“What?” The three couldn’t help but burst out in disbelief.

Feng Chuge cared none of their response and just looked at the guard who sent the letter. She asked, “Who sent the letter?”

“It’s a stranger. He seems to have been sent by someone, but he didn’t know who.”

Feng Chuge’s brow furrowed as her mouth turned grim. She again leaped and finally went out…

The three maids didn’t dare neglect and closely followed behind.

At this point, the sky was almost completely black.

It was just dusk and the crescent moon could only be seen through the clouds, making the surroundings four times darker.

The figure of Feng Chuge and the others passed across the sky above Tianqi, almost by passing the Tianqi and eventually reached a small forest on the outskirts of the city.

The evening breeze kept blowing. It was clearly or relatively a warm season, but the night wind blowing around could chill people to their bones.

“Miss, where are we?” Zilan asked. They had followed her and looking at this desolate place, the creepy feeling in the air couldn’t be missed.

“It’s here… The letter indicated that Achen was tied up here by them. And if I wanted to save Achen, I’d have to come here…So, here we are… The abductor wants to deal with me, so he started from Achen.”

The moment they heard this, the three maids gnashed their teeth in fury, “Who is it? To even use such despicable means to deal with Miss…”

Feng Chuge sharpened her eyes and in a blink –

“Not the Shui family. The Feng family is the only one with this purprose right now.”

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