Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Grumpy child

Luzhu who was standing in front could only feel a chill rising from her back at the sight of Feng Chuge’s smile….

Every time the young lady shows this smile, nothing good was going to happen.

She recalled the things that Zilan recounted to them when they came back from the banquet a few days ago.

She hopes He Lian Jin Yu wouldn’t die too badly!!

“Meow—” Suddenly, a scream could be heard not far away.

Immediately afterwards, a white Meatball rushed straight into Feng Chuge’s arms.

Feng Chuge stared at the shivering Meatball in her arms and then saw Achen coming not far away. Feng Chuge smiled, “Achen, what’s wrong?”

Achen crossed his arms across his chest and leaned against a railing on the side. He raised his brows and answered coldly, “This stupid cat stole the pastries that the lady had bought.”

“Meow–” Meatball screamed again.

That pastries were really delicious!!

Wu wu… The master is truly eccentric! She only buys for this strange child, but never buys for him….

The corners of Feng Chuge’s eyes twitched…. “Pastries? Buy them again…”

“Miss, I still have things to attend to…” Luzhu excused herself out loud.

“All right, Achen. Luzhu’s here for you…”

“I don’t like–” Achen’s countenance grew colder.

He was not angry because he had no pastries to eat, but it was something that Feng Chuge personally bought for him. He hasn’t taken a bite yet and it was eaten by this stupid cat…

“This grumpy child…” Feng Chuge raised a brow.

“Woman, you still take me as a child.” Achen gritted his teeth, but his tone hinted a chill.

He wasn’t a child, and he doesn’t want her to see him as a child…

He pouted with several points of desolation before he turned around and went outside.

Feng Chuge and Luzhu were stunned in place and could only look at each other.

What’s going with Achen here?

In her arms, Meatball leaned aside and had already calmed down.

Meatball was very spiritual and could easily detect the chill in Achen’s tone.

This chill was completely different from it has felt before…

“Meow….” Meatball screamed and looked up. Looking at Feng Chuge, a blue light flashed across its teary eyes.


Near the evening, Feng Chuge braved the kitchen once more to cook for Achen.

These days, Achen has always craved for her cooking.

Feng Chuge felt escpecially gratified every time she sees the satisfaction in Achen’s face after each meal ~~

“Achen, time for dinner…” Outside Achen’s door, Feng Chuge tapped the door, but nobody answered for a long time.

Feng Chuge only thought that Achen must still be angry about earlier.

“Achen… Come out and eat… Don’t be angry…Sweetie…”

Still quiet.

Feng Chuge slightly frowned. The stillness in the room was too unnatural. She even couldn’t detect Achen’s breath at this time.

She pushed the door open and walked in, only to find the room empty —

Feng Chuge turned around and searched for him around the residence. “Achen…”

“Miss, what’s the matter?” Zilan and the other two have heard the movement around.

“Did you see Achen?”

“No, doesn’t Achen like staying only in his room?” The three maids looked at each other.

“Yes, Miss. The last we saw Achen, was it not just two hours ago?” However… at that time, Achen was probably sulking…” An ominous feeling rose from Feng Chuge’s heart…

“Let’s go find him… Leave other matters behind.”

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