TOCH – Chapter 263

Chapter 263: The most embarrassing date

Rongxi has been working with various royal families. Fang Chixia was aware that these relationships were established early on.

Many members of royal families attend a variety of social occasions related to jewelry, generally of which were designed by Rongxi designers and each was specially unique.

Fang Chixia wasn’t surprised when he mentioned signing a contract with R royalty.

Why did he let her go, though?

“I only need to be there later?” Fang Chixia looked askance at him.

“Uhmm.” Luo Yibei responded stoically.

“You… Are you sure?” Fang Chixia was somewhat overwhelmed.

At best, she was nothing more than a little newcomer who had just entered Rongxi. Meeting with members of the royalty on such an important occasion, he was assured letting her go alone!

What she wanted to ask was that was he not afraid of being screwed up by her?

Luo Yibei just looked back at her impassively then continued to drive. He was too lazy to reward her even with a word.

Fang Chixia glanced at him in the periphery of her vision, but didn’t continue to press.

He had let her do it so he should have confidence in her, right?

The car continued its journey and then parked outside the Rongxi Building.

Luo Yibei walked in front while Fang Chixia followed him to get the documents.

When she left, she really left alone. Luo Yibei even gave her his car key.

As a matter of fact, every time there was a signing of contract with the R royalty, there was always a person in charge of this matter.

However, this time, because Fei Si Nuo and Su Rui were both in Nice, Su Rui offered dealing with the signing of the contract.

The Royal family weren’t at ease so Fei Si Nuo went along for the signing.

When the two sat at the restaurant, Fang Chixia hasn’t arrived yet.

Su Rui was there for Luo Yibei. She has no idea if the person in charge from Rongxi has changed. Since entering the restaurant, she has been holding a mirror prepping herself.

“Si Nuo, do I look alright?”

“Do you think Yibei will like this makeup?”

“What about this dress? Should I change it?”

Fei Si Nuo leaned lazily aside, arm propped on the sofa and the crook of his head on his hand. He looked out the window with no intention of caring about her.

His languid posture coupled with that cold face with a hint of evilness as well as glittering eyes, just sitting there, the rate of second looks was almost perfect.

Lot of eyes, generally women were speared in his way.

Fei Si Nuo seemed oblivious to them or was just not the least bit interested in everthing going on around him.

Until a slender figure slammed into his line of sight.

Outside the window, Fang Chixia was clutching a folder as she trotted in their direction.

She dashed as she anxiously muttered, “I’m late! I’m late!”

She was three minutes late due to the traffic jam.

On such an important occasion, she knew that being late was absolutely impolite so she hastened her footsteps.

She paid not as much attention to her image as many other girls. Every step she moved were filled with worry. She ran but staggered several times as she was wearing high heels.

When in pain, she only brushed her ankles and gritted her teeth. Her brows were scrunched up but she went on and run inside the restaurant.

Fei Si Nuo sat in the dining area, quietly watching the subtle changes in her expression. His lips couldn’t help but hook up.



5 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 263”

  1. Doesn’t Su Rui know that Chixia is married to Yibei? Fei Si Nuo is interested in Chixia. What will happen to Chixia? Both wanting to eat her alive for different reasons.

    Thank you for the update.


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