Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Cook a meal for a lifetime

At the entrance of the residence, they leaped and flew over, landing perfectly inside the Feng Residence.

Outside, dust was everywhere.

In front of him, where has Feng Chuge and the others disappeared to?

Shui Zhi stood still with a unfocused eyes blurring his sight.

He really never expected it…

Feng Chuge…. There was no doubt that her strength was above his!!

He heard that Shui Yuer and Big Brother both lost to Feng Chuge at the banquet. He only thought that Feng Chuge used other means, such as the itchy powder on his Big Brother…

Today, it seemed this wasn’t the case.

“Second Master, this Feng Chuge is truly went too far!! She has put the Shui Family beneath her eyes!” Someone nearby screamed indignantly in anger.

The words in Shui Zhi’s throat were stuck, but after a long moment of contemplation, he said, “Let’s go back first – “


Inside the Feng Residence, Feng Chuge has cooked a large bowl of noodles and Achen was currently eating with gusto….

After gasping for breath, he raised a thumb, “Woman, your skill has greatly improved ~~”

“That’s…. Of course. Who did you think made it.” Feng Chuge’s brows were raised in satisfaction.

“Right. It’s delicious. I’ll never have to worry about having nothing to eat in the future.” A gleam flashed unnoticeably at the bottom of Achen’s eyes. “Woman, anyway, you will be my wife in th future so you’ll be cooking my meal for a lifetime….”

Feng Chuge has just sat down and was drinking from a glass. When she heard Achen’s declaration, the water was immediately sprayed out–

She felt that she really needs to teach this little rascal well.

How could such a little child be full of thoughts of his wife. This is really a problem!!

Feng Chuge sat upright but upon raising her face, she noticed Achen looking at her gloomily as his face was now sprinkled with water.

That cool little face was quite chilling.

When they had entered the Feng residence, Achen had put down the stupid Meatball. Now, it was looking at him with gloating.

It stood at the feet of Feng Chuge, with it’s tail raised up….

Feng Chuge took out a handkerchief. “Come, little Chen Chen, I’ll wipe it for you. Say, who let you think of having a wife all day at such a young age? If you haven’t said that, I wouldn’t have been in such a gaffe, would I?”

“I’m not a child –” Achen domineeringly replied.

“All right, not a child…” Feng Chuge wiped his face until it was dry and pinched his little face while at it. “Little devil, is pretending to be cool fun? You shouldn’t act this way all the time! People who don’t know you might think you are a monster…”

Achen just grimaced but never said anything again….


The bright sunlight passed through the branches and patches were projected onto the ground.

After the play at the palaces banquet that day, peace reigned all around.

Feng Chuge was sitting serenely on a wisteria chair.

Today, she was wearing a long goose-yellow dress. In addition to her cold temperament, she was the epitome of a delicate beauty.

She leaned back on the chair and flipped a page of the book in her hand.

Those slender hands, if one fixed their gaze on them, certainly would agree of her gracefulness as if cultured for generations.

Outside, the sound of footsteps broke the silence, but Feng Chuge paid it no attention and continued reading the book in her hand.

The income of various industries under the Fengyueluo were getting better and better, each of which were showing a steady upward trend….

“Miss, things have been completed- ” Luzhu exclaimed as she entered from the outside and walked in front of Feng Chuge.

Feng Chuge closed the account book and lifted a brow, but the bottom of her eyes revealed a bit of delight, “Oh?”

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