EP – Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Even you are mine

This damned thief. To even dare steal things from his property?

Gauging from the size of the feet, it appeared to be a woman…

Moreover, why do these feet look familiar?

While he was trying to identify whose feet they were, he saw the sheets move slightly and the exposed legs shrunk under the bed.

At the moment, Ning Xiaofei under the bed was holding her breath, watching the man standing on the floor from the gap between the sheets. She saw him not far behind the suitcase. It was really a big giveaway.

Both of her hands were clasped on her chest as she silently prayed, “Bodhisattva, Goddess of Mercy, Tathagata, Jesus and Virgin Mary… All kinds of gods have mercy! Bless me not to be discovered by King Yama!


Due to praying earnestly, she breathed in too heavily accidentally sucking a dust under the bed and her nose started to get itchy.

In one stroke, before she could even cover her mouth and nose, a sneeze uncontrollably escaped and blurted out.

Without waiting for his reaction, the man’s anger has already erupted.

“Ning Xiaofei, get the hell out of there!”

Is this bastard a police dog? If not, how could he precisely identify her?

Knowing that she had been exposed, Ning Xiaofei made no move to scheme again. She got up and wanted to wiggle out but she forgot she was curled under the bed.


She muttered.

Outside the bed, hearing her muffled cry of pain, Mu Tianye didn’t have to guess what had happened. He could only gnash his teeth once more.


This time, he saw from the side of the bed sheet, two legs followed by a bath towel, then the whole of Ning Xiaofei with disheveled hair crawled out under the bed like a big white worm.

She stood up in front of Mu Tianye with a forced smile flashing across her face.

“Husband, you are back?”

Needless to say she had just taken a shower as her hair was still dripping wet and was full of dust accumulated under the bed.

Her face was gray and her forehead was covered with cobweb from who knows where. The white bathrobe wrapped around her body was not much different. Only one of her feet was wearing a slipper, while there she was holding a pile of messy clothes in her arms…

As far as how she looks like, beggars don’t have to make up!

Mu Tianye clenched his jaws, but his face remained impassive and he said nothing.

He had initially been worried that she was alone, that she would have no place to stay nor friends to sleepover with. But what a mistake. She has ran back here to take a shower. She’s really having the time of her life!

“That…” Since the man had not said anything, Ning Xiaofei’s heart throbbed nervously. She moved her feet on the floor apprehensively and bowed her head. “I…I just came over for a change of clothes. I…I will disappear immediately.”

Bypassing him, she ran to the door pulling her suitcase behind and ran outside.


Ning Xiaofei grimaced, but she stopped and slowly turned around.

“I just took some of my own clothes. If you don’t believe me… you… would you like to check?”

Mu Tianye was so angry he could blow up.

Dead girl!

Did she want him to apologize and ask her to stay?

“Really!” Ning Xiaofei did not dare look at his expression. Squatting down, she pulled the suitcase back, “Look, these are all my clothes… This is a sanitary napkin and this… They are all mine. I really didn’t take any of you stuff!”

“Humph!” The man snorted coldly, “These are all mine!”

“You!” Ning Xiaofei raised her face as her little temper erupted again, “Don’t be ridiculous, these are all my clothes. They were all bought by me!”

She grabbed a bra, “Can you wear this? There is this…”

She grabbed a pack of sanitary napkins and again, “Can you use this?”

Looking at the man who was walking in front of her step by step, she clutched the bra in one hand and took a step back with the sanitary napkin on the other hand. She saw the man bend over with the inky eyes staring at her domineeringly.

“Even you are mine!”

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