Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Young man, please don’t look at me so

“Young man, please stop looking at me with those eyes later…”Feng Chuge pled.

Achen just raised a brow but his eyes were shining smugly.

“Let’s go, go home…”

With that said, Achen started forward.

Behind him, Feng Chuge and Zilan were full of black lines.

“Miss, you may have found your nemesis…”

Indeed, Achen is Feng Chuge’s nemesis.

In the past few years, the person who could render Feng Chuge mad at the same time helpless has only been Achen.

The three strolled along the way and soon, they finally arrived outside the Feng’s residence.

Upon arrival, they saw a group of people waiting outside.

A sharp-eyed one in the crowd caught sight of Feng Chuge from afar and loudly shouted immediately, “They’re coming back. It’s her. It’s her that made the master and the young lady that way.”

As the voice rose up, a black clad person flew from the crowd….

This middle-aged man had straight eyebrows slanting upwards, with extraordinary temperament and has the imposing aura of a man about thirty or forty years old.

He scrutinized Feng Chuge and her party with a pair of chilly eyes…

“Are you Feng Chuge?!”

Feng Chuge has arrived close by so she heard him clearly.

She raised a brow in question, “Yes, sir. You’ve come for me. What’s it all about?”

“Feng Chuge, you actually injured my big brother and Shui Yuer at the banquet!!”

Listening to the man’s rant provided Feng Chuge with a clear identity of the man. “It turned out to be from the Shui Family… Oh, I’m sorry. My Feng Family has now gone down the hill. I’m afraid I don’t h ave the energy to entertain so many people. If you guys go back and forth… don’t blame us for the poor hospitality.”

This clear statement was meant to drive away people. Shui Zhi’s face solidified.

He wasn’t able to participate in the banquet because of some matters.

After he finished his task, he returned to the house only to find everything in a mess.

When he asked what had happened, he found out that his big brother and Shui Yuer were both injured….

And that the word “Waste” was engraved in Shui Yuer’s face.

The faintly visible bones inside due to the wounds was enough to show how hard the other party’s hands were!

Shui Yuer has been the only girl in the Shui Family. Over the years, these elders have always been in the palms of her hands. They have never let her suffer so much grievances. But now, Shui Yuer has been rendered like that, how could Shui Zhi sit still?

He was a bit uncertain, but he still braved and leaped forward to land a strike at Feng Chuge….

Feng Chuge’s eyes condensed as she dodged Shui Zhi’s attack.

“I wasn’t even worried about your big brother. But now, you think you can beat me? Feng Chuge asked with full contempt.

“Feng Chuge…. For hurting Shui Yuer, I’ll never let you off-” Shui Zhi returned coldly, continuing his attack.

Master Shui was in the advance level of an Spiritual Sect, while Shui Zhi was only at the foundation stage of an Spiritual Sect. There was totally nothing to be afraid of.

Feng Chuge avoided another strike. At the same moment, her vision swept over Achen not too far away.

That’s right… Her little Chen Chen is hungry…

A glint flashed across her eyes and Feng Chuge no longer dragged on the struggle.

Just as Shui Zhi attacked again, Feng Chuge gathered a powerful force and directed it straight at him, creating a quake on the ground…

The dust on the ground scattered everywhere obscuring the eyes of those who are watching.

“You Shui Family, I, Feng Chuge will never take the initiative to offend others. Why your big brother and your good niece were rendered that way, you might as well go back and ask them…”

With that good advice, she brought Zilan and Achen and marched straight into the residence…

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