EP – Chapter 101

Chapter 101: – a single slip-up may cause lasting sorrows

With the tie off and flung away indignantly, Mu Tianye moved into the kitchen and filled a glass of water from the water dispenser and sent it to his lips.




Ning Xiaofei wrapped herself with a towel on the shelf and reached for another to dry her hair. After a while, she put the wet towel on the shelf and opened the drawer for the hair dryer. When her hand stretched out ready to plug it into the power supply, she hurriedly retracted her hand.

She quickly sneaked back into the bedroom and took her phone to look at the time. When she turned around, she saw light seeping through the door.

Who turned on the lights?

Her heart leaped to her throat as she rushed to the door. Poking her small head in between, she took a peep and glanced around to see that the lights in the living room were lit up.

Oh no!

King Yama’s back!

She shrunk back expeditiously and closed the door. Running back into the bathroom like a bat out of hell, she plunged the clutter on the sink into the drawer, collected her clothes that still weren’t worn and went to lift the suitcase with one hand, tipping her toes out of the bedroom.

The thief traced her steps to the stairs and poked half her head to peep downstairs.

In the living room, there was no shadow of the man. The lights were on so he must be in the kitchen.

Biting her lips, Ning Xiaofei hugged her clothes and tipped a toes ready to sneak down the stairs.

Her toes had just touched the step when Mu Tianye’s mobile phone in the living room shook.


In the empty and quiet living room, the vibration of the mobile phone was particularly loud.

What bad timing, Ning Xiaofei retracted her food almost at once.

Out of the kitchen, Mu Tianye reached out and took the phone on the coffee table and put it to his ear.

“Chief Mu, I have already watched all the monitoring. Young Mistress returned to the apartment at five o’clock yesterday afternoon and never left until 11:50 in the evening.” At the end of the phone, Zhou Tao narrated cautiously. “In the meantime, there weren’t anybody went in or out of the apartment.”

“Got it.”

Mu Tianye frowned and hung up the phone. Then, he made way up the stairs.

In the corridor, at the sound of the man’s footsteps coming up the stairs, Ning Xiaofei shrank back nervously and in her hurry, pushed the door nearest to her to hide.

At this time, Mu Tianye had already reached the third floor and walked to the front of the master bedroom, where he stopped.

When he called Ning Xiaofei last night, it was more than nine o’clock in the evening. If that man really was with Ning Xiaofei, he should have been in the apartment.

Lanting Apartment is a high-end apartment that is monitored 24-hours a day. There is a camera outside the apartment so whoever enters or exits, the apartment’s surveillance is sure to take it.

Zhou Tao has always been serious and responsible so it was impossible to make any mistakes.

Was he wrong to accuse her?

Inside the other door, Ning Xiaofei squatted down like a cat peeking at the man’s back from the crack in the door, carefully breathing in fear of the man noticing her movements.

As she was just too focused staring at Mu Tianye, she failed to notice the clothes she was holding under her arms that were crumbling down.

The bra was the first to fall off, slipping out of her armpits onto the floor, leaving a a faint noise.

Startled, Ning Xiaofei looked down and looked up again.

Seeing that Mu Tianye in the corridor seemed to have heard of the sound turning in her direction, her eyes widened instantly.

Finished, finished, finished!

She raised her hand to muffle her silent scream and quickly turned around with her clothes clutched tightly. She swiftly raised the sheets up and drilled under the bed.


The door to the room was pushed open.


The lights were turned on.

Mu Tianye strode in and glanced around the room. His eyes fell on the suitcase by the bed for a second. Then moved to the corner of the room where half of two white calves were left exposed. A pair of inky eyes narrowed dangerously.

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