EP – Chapter 100

Chapter 100: The woman made him hurt

That Mu Tianye guy has always been a workaholic. He never went home early and he doesn’t necessarily go back to the villa tonight. If she goes back now to take her clothes out, she’s positive that she’ll not run into him.

She turned off her computer on the desk and quickly packed up her belongings. She trotted all the way to the elevator and ran out of the TV station. She squeezed herself onto the subway on her way to the villa…

One and a half hour later, she was standing across Mu Tianye’s villa.

With no lamp lit around the villa, she broke into an evil grin. She immediately ran up the steps, opened the door and slipped in.

She closed the door and pasted her ear on the wall but Ning Xiaofei heard no movement inside.

Without the lights on and only guided by the brightness peeking from the French windows in the living room, she speedily made her way up the stairs to the third floor. She opened the masters bedroom cautiously and immediately went straight to the wardrobe.

Turning on the lamp between the cloakroom, she stepped in and closed the door.

There were no windows in the cloakroom so no lights would escape outside. She had no worries about others discovering her presence.

Putting down the heavy backpack on her back, Ning Xiaofei immediately pulled over a suitcase and quickly removed her clothes from the racks and loaded them in.

Her clothes were not much and she doesn’t want to fill the space with the bulky clothes for autumn and winter. She only packed up some winter wear and underwear and soon, everything was done neatly.

Dragging the suitcase out of the cloakroom, her eyes fell on the big bed where she had slept for quite a long time and a bleak smile appeared on her face. She sighed helplessly.

She had imagined herself living here for a lifetime, but it seems it was just another wishful thinking…..

Her plans never keep up with the changes!

Leaving the suitcase aside, she turned into the bathroom. She initially just wanted to collect her toothpaste, toothbrush and other daily necessities but at the sight of that enticing large bathtub, her footsteps couldn’t help but sink into it.

Yesterday, she was too tired after being tossed by Mu Tianye. She didn’t even take a shower after she went to that hotel. Adding today, it’s been two days since she had taken a bath. Tonight, she could only stay at the company. With the way this trend was going, bathing in the next few days would only be a luxury.

She raised her wrist and checked the time on her watch. It only showed eight o’clock.

A quick shower, at best half an hour, Mu Tianye sure won’t be arriving any time soon.

However, just in case…..

Hesitating between bathing and not for a while, in the end, the girl’s love for cleanliness prevailed.

Rushing to the window, she scoured the outside view and not noticing any car approaching, she took a change of clothes out and trotted back to the bathroom. She divested herself off her clothes and quickly opened the shower.

Warm water rushed down, washing away her exhausted body and mind. Ning Xiaofei felt her whole person loosen up and in a relaxed manner, she closed her eyes.


A black sedan drove over and stopped at the villa downstairs.

The driver was busy getting out of the car and pulling open the backdoor then, out came Mu Tianye. Sniffing the booze in the air, the driver whispered, “Should I walk you upstairs?”

“No.” Mu Tianye waved his hand. “I’m not drunk.”

The driver was still ill at ease. Standing by the car, he watched him climb up on the steps, open the door and disappeared behind the door. He finally heaved a sigh of relieve and drove away.

Turning the lights on in the living room, Mu Tianye habitually hang his coat on the side and stretched his right hand to loosen his tie. Touching his tie, a stinging pain rose from his fingertips.

With sore fingers, he couldn’t help but be reminded of that dead girl. He threw his tie on the floor with annoyance.

“Ning Xiaofei, dead girl!”

The woman who made him hurt, she was still the first!

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