Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Dispel the regression poison

Without their carriage, the three trudged on foot all the way back.

Fortunately, they weren’t too far from the Feng’s residence. The three walked the rest of the way as if they had gone to the mountains to play.

Out of the woods, they arrived at the marketplace.

The market of Tianqi was exceptionally lively.

While passing along the streets, Achen couldn’t help but look around in astonishment.

He has never seen this side of Tianqi.

After he fell in here injured during the chase and being picked up by Feng Chuge, he had had not the chance to come out.

They continued moving forward.

Of a sudden at a corner, a person runs upon and came face to face with Achen.

“Old man, are you all right?” Achen asked loudly.

It was an old man with ragged hair holding crutches in hands. His whole body also was swaying weakly.

The old man raised his head a little bit revealing a face covered with dust and only a pair of bright eyes.

He smiled and shook his head. “I’m fine….. I’m alright.”

“I’m okay.”

“Old man, you’re old. Walk carefully.” Achen commanded with his usual assertive tone.

Thereafter, he looked at Feng Chuge, “Let’s go….”

Just when they were about to leave, the old man behind suddenly spun around –

“Young man, I see that your bones are confined, but you’re gifted. How about I sell you this bottle of refined medicine?”

At this moment, his voice was so clear completely in disaccord with his wobbly stance….

His offer made Feng Chuge stop on her tracks.

The old man has already caught up with them and pulled out a bottle from his sleeves. “This medicinal pills are totally inexpensive. They are only for 12 pieces of silver…”

Feng Chuge looked back and scrutinized the old man carefully.

She raised her eyebrows and took out a piece of paper from her arms. “Old man, I see that your bones are confined. You must be a wizard in martial arts. In the future, the responsibility of maintaining justice ans peace in the universe will be left in your hands! This paper is called, “Buddha’s Palm”. It was originally priced 22 silvers but I’ll give it to you for 12 silvers. Do you want it?”

The old man looked up at Feng Chuge, “I’m telling the truth….”

“Oh, I’m also telling the truth. Do you want it?” Feng Chuge raised the slip of paper in her hand and shove it in front of him.

The old man apparently hasn’t expected Feng Chuge to react in this manner, so he gawked at her in horror.

Seeing his expression, Feng Chuge slid the paper back into her sleeves and then clapped her hands. “Let’s go. Go.”

Achen and Zilan haven’t taken the old man’s words seriously. They both thought he was just another swindler on the streets.

As they were to leave on their way, the old man behind them spoke again –

“My refined medicine has a unique function. It can dissolve and rejuvenate one from the toxins of a regression poison….

Achen’s little body jerked to an immediate halt.

Can dissolve Regression Poison….

They turned out to be pills for Regression Poison….

He turned to look back at the man, his eyes revealing a dubious look, “Old man, are you…?”

He took a closer look at the old man, but the old man was unkempt and his face unrecognizable for it was totally grubby.

The old man just shook his head. “Do you want it? If I not, I’ll sell it to someone else…”

“Yes!” Achen nodded without hesitation.

Although, he wasn’t sure whether this old man was speaking the truth, it wasn’t a coincidence that he deliberately mentioned regression.

Moreover, only a few people knew of the existence of the regression poison. This kind of poison can only be found in Tiandi Fu….

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  1. Finally, some progress on his side. I’ve enjoyed her plans but I still can’t wrap my head around his situation. Thanks for the chapter!


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