TOCH – Chapter 256-257

Chapter 256: Angel’s Kiss

Fang Chixia stood frozen for a second looking at the wine glass on the man’s hand before turning around to see who had helped her. When she raised her head to look up, she clipped the man on the chin.

Fang Chixia was startled but she still raised her face up.

Magnified before her eyes was a very striking face, the contours of his five senses were extremely deep, and the inks of his eyes were submerged in a seemingly boundless ocean, making their orbs glow enchantingly.

The man’s body was bent because he had just pulled her back.

The two people, one looking up and one leaning over, Fang Chixia could clearly see her reflections as his face was a too close for comfort.

Fang Chixia’s looked closely at his face and her eyes narrowed slightly, “It’s you…”

“Yeah, we meet again.” Fei Si Nou’s lips formed shallow curvature, those eyes under the crystal lamp, appeared unusually bright and glittering.

Fang Chixia took in their posture and stepped back uncomfortably, opening a distance between them.

Fei Si Nuo felt bereft as his hands went instantly empty.

“Thank you.” Fang Chixia composed herself and thanked him politely.

“Piece of cake.” Fei Si Nuo raised the cocktail he had just saved and stared at the pink cherry inside.

Seemingly oblivious to the fact that she has taken a drink on the same glass, in Fang Chixia’s troubled gaze, he suddenly raised the glass to take a sip.

“I had drunk wine…” Fang Chixia’s reminder came too late.

The wine was downed in an instant!

The mark left behind was on the same spot where her lips touched when she drank from it.

The moisture left behind when Fang Chixia had taken a drink were visible as it has still not dried yet.

“Angel’s Kiss?” Fei Si Nuo lifted the glass for a better look at the stains, and raised a good looking brow.

He spoke at a very slow pace that carried an indescribable languor.

The name of the wine, however said, sounded a bit more meaningful. Fang Chixia wasn’t sure if it was just her illusion.

“This taste, I like.” Fei Si Nuo looked at her and remarked once again.

The same lazy tone with a hint of banter were amplified by the smile hanging on the corners of his lips.

Fang Chixia felt inexplicably molested standing there. Her senses were heightened with discomfort.

“Sorry, I still have something to do. I’ll leave first.” With that excuse, she turned and left immediately.

Fei Si Nuo had to trouble beckoning another waiter. He took another glass of the same wine from the tray and had a casual sip.

Angel’s Kiss….

Su Rui, who had been standing quietly next to him, witnessed everything with some suprises, including his sudden appearance.

“Si Nuo, do you know here?” She glanced up to him, clearly dissatisfied with his intervention.

“What’s wrong?” Fei Si Nuo’s gaze has been fixed in the direction where Fang Chixia headed, watching her back disappear farther and farther while drinking the glass of wine in his hand.

“Why did you just help her?” Su Rui wasn’t reconciled so she asked in puzzlement.

“What have I done?” Fei Si Nuo looked at her in confusion, the perfect of someone who couldn’t remember anything.

Su Rui, “…”



Chapter 257: Poisonous tongue

Su Rui was thoroughly speechless, but what else could she say.

Over to the side, her sight, once again followed Fang Chixia.

Staring in the direction, which she disappeared, she stayed with Fei Si Nuo stayed for a while before avoiding Fei Si Nuo’s line of sight and walked towards Fang Chixia again.

Fang Chixia hasn’t taken a seat at the corner of a sofa for long, so when she saw her heading her way, her brows knitted, but she raised her chin up.

Su Rui came to a stop on her side. Lifting her chin proudly, she gifted her a contemptuous look. “I can’t see anything different. I really don’t know what went wrong with Yibei’s vision.”

Fang Chixia didn’t really want to be bothered by her, but since this woman took the initiative to find fault, if she doesn’t respond, it would give people the impression that she’s easy to bully.

She cracked a smile not the least bit bothered by her contempt and just echoed a sigh, “Right, I really don’t know what’s wrong with Yibei’s vision. Even I, this totally ordinary person could enter his eyes…”

She started off warm and gentle, with not a whisper of venom behind her jibes.

Halfway through, her tone made a sudden turn though. Eyes squinting at her as if unafraid of death, she added, “But, how couldn’t he put you princess in his eyes?”


This succinct line was undoubtedly the worst caustic remark dropped on Su Rui’s head.

She is such an ordinary person but has caught Luo Yibei’s attention. Su Rui on the other hand might be a princess, but wasn’t given more than a glance. This is truly ironic!

This was also the point that Su Rui just couldn’t’ figure out. Now that she so openly told off, this haughty princess’s heart was jumbled into a mess as if thrown from the top of her head to her toes.

Fang Chixia was by no means looking for trouble. But since she started it, she’ll just pick it up a bit.

Not wanting to cause any unnecessary trouble for Luo Yibei and herself, she stood up and left after giving her a piece of her mind.

When she passed through the hall, she met Fei Si Nuo again.

Fei Si Nuo also belongs to the naturally resplendent individuals. Even with the dim lighting of the event tonight, he shines wherever he was at dazzling people who were on full view of him.

He was surrounded by a group of people, probably in the middle of a talk among friends.

When he caught her figure at the corner of his eyes, his lips stretched into a smile.

He himself was a knockout so that smile, which accentuated the glamour and enchantment deep in his eyes, with even a touch of evilness, rendered the color of the surrounding scenery completely faded out.

Fang Chixia was totally disconcerted when their eyes met.

Averting her gaze, she continued her way out the door.

“Chat Later.” Fei Si Nuo smiled and as he pushed his way unconcernedly out of the crowd as he tailed leisurely behind her.

After getting out of the hall, Fang Chixia toured several corridors before settling down on a spot. She lowered her head and took off her ring and fiddled with it.

Her ring was bought right after she married Luo Yibei. The cheap wedding ring was originally meant for Fang Rong to see. Unknowingly, wearing it had become a habit.

Although simple in style, it was truly elegant.

Fei Si Nuo arrived at her spot and sat straight down beside her.

“I didn’t think I’d meet you here, either.” He looked up at the sky above and spoke to her.

“Coincidences in the world are innumerable.” Fang Chixia returned faintly with a little sense of detachment.



4 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 256-257”

  1. Fang Chixia’ s relationship with YiBei is very dangerous. He aggressive and brutal. The women who want him are vicious. And the men who have interest in her are unrelenting. How will she ever finish school with all of this drama?


    1. Got me in the first half not gonna lie. Well, apparently to them, she is a freshman so it is not hard right now. And, her majors and minors she is already using so she knows it.


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