Chapter 69:

Chapter 69: The fall of the Feng Family

The five figures only felt a formidable oppressive force speared at them, which only constricted their breathing.

The swirling gale obstructed their vision.

And it was at this moment that the air blades made a bee line straight to them.

Without any warning, the air blades rushed and slashed half their bodies, directly through


A few horrifying screams suddenly disrupted in the silent forest.

It was only a moment of effort and the entire forest once again restored it’s tranquil nature. Ah.

The thick bloody scent however pervaded the surrounding areas.

The five black figures, who were standing in the same place, were now on the ground with their bodies in halves, their upper body cut off from the waist.

Feng Chuge smiled standing not far away, looking at her handiwork with a trace of coldness on the seams of her thin lips –

“Told you so. Just jumping clowns…”

She clapped her hands, turned around and saw Achen standing in the distance and also looking straight at it all…

Feng Chuge’s brows wrinkled as she hurriedly moved forward to cover Achen’s eyes….

“Not suitable for children. Not suitable for children…”

Achen dodged her hand and suddenly looked up, staring straight at Feng Chuge’s eyes. “Woman, in the future, I will never let you spill so much blood again…”

The warmth in Feng Chuge’s heart burgeoned.

She realized that this little devil’s mouth is really sweet. He would always say nice things that warm her heart.

But…He’s just a kid….

Feng Chuge sighed softly, “All right. Let’s go. Let’s go back…”

“Miss..” Zilan came up from the side.

“Miss, young master didn’t let me touch him, so I wasn’t able to cover his eyes and let him see such a bloody scene…”

“It’s all right. Chen Chen isn’t an ordinary child…” a curvature formed on the corner of Feng Chuge’s lips.

“But Miss, you’ve killed all of them. Why didn’t you first ask who bought them?”

Feng Chuge sneered, “Is there still need to ask? Besides that Feng Zhaoyang, who else is there?”

At this moment, the list of who she has offended includes not only the Feng Family, the Shui Family and He Lian Jin Yu.

The Shui Family has just returned from the banquet. She has surmised that the Shui family are in a hurry to get Master Shui and Shui Yuer treated. Where would they have time to buy assassins?

Although He Lian Jin Yu wasn’t a good one to say, Feng Chuge believes that he wouldn’t sink into such a despicable point.

Hence, leaves only the Feng Family….

“The Feng Family has already fallen down to such straits, but they still haven’t learned their lesson!” Zilan stomped her feet. “They even dare to buy these killers now. This is unforgivable! Miss, I must let them see some colors. They absolutely must not be spared!”

Feng Chuge narrowed her eyes sharply —

Naturally, Feng Zhaoyang mustn’t be spared….

If she were to let them go lightly, then she wouldn’t be Feng Chuge!!

A cold chill flashed across her eyes as a smile spread prettily on her face.

Turning her head, she looked at Zilan, “Zilan, you have been with me for so long. I’m handing you an assassin’s organization to play with alone…”

Zilan was dumbstruck. But, she understood what she meant.

There was a hint of surprise on her face, but then she chortled.

According to the Miss’s temper, it is of course impossible to let go of the Hell’s Palace!

“Miss, you want to annex the Hell’s Palace?”

Feng Chuge gave neither approval nor disapproval, but the radiance of her smile brightened even more.

She combed their surroundings and sighed, “Unfortunately, without a carriage, we can only go back on foot. It doesn’t matter. It’s also a good exercise for the body….”

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  1. Thx for the update:) Man, those ‘ol Fengs really don’t know who they’re messin’ with! Sharpening the blade, crafting their own caskets, digging their own graves and handing over the blade and presenting their necks. They’re really making sure not to inconvenience her too much, huh? Lol

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