TOCH – Chapter 254-255

Chapter 254: Honey, be nice

The mentality she left behind was purely as if watching a play.

It wasn’t known if Su Rui has forgotten what Luo Yibei had said when he refused to marriage proposal in R’s Royal Palace or she didn’t mind at all for she kept sticking to him all through the evening.

“Yibei, I never expected to meet you in France. How have you been lately?”

“I’ll be staying here for a while. Do you have time to have a meal with me alone?”

“Yibei, where are you staying? Can I come and visit?”


Su Rui wasn’t a nosy person, but due to Luo Yibei’s cold temperament, it led to a dialogue where Su Rui did all the talking and Luo Yibei giving no response,, almost a two-way dialogue between Su Rui and herself.

In other’s ears, Su Rui has turned into a chatterbox.

And with Luo Yibei’s character, noise is something he finds most annoying.

The valley between his brows has already deepened while gazing at Fang Chixia not far away, indicating her to come over.

Fang Chixia has long understood those eye signals, but she couldn’t figure out the purpose of her approaching them.

She averted her eyes indifferently and noticed a waiting passing by. She caught his attention and pointed a finger to one of the glasses of wine, “Excuse me, what kind of wine is this?”

“Miss, this is an Angel’s Kiss.” The waiter introduced it to her with a pure French smile.

“I want two glasses, thank you.” Fang Chixia took two cocktails and left the waiter after a brief smile.

Luo Yibei’s face has originally tautened with her disregard.

But seeing her with two glasses of wine, only when she took steps in his direction did his face stretched a little.

It’s just that Fang Chixia did carry the wine, but she sat down next to a high chair, placed the glasses on it and leisurely took a glass for a sip.

She seemed to have in mind watching everything from the outset with no intention of intervening.

The two cocktails were all for herself!

Luo Yibei’s countenance was slightly distorted right after one of her gestures. He breathed in and once again motioned with his eyes.

Fang Chixia has received his order very clearly this time, but she still brushed him off.

It was Su Rui who took notice of his actions and asked vigilantly, “Yibei, did you come with friends?”

Luo Yibei ignored her and trained his eyes straight on Fang Chixia.

The sharp, dark and dangerous glint beneath his gaze gave rise to the feeling as if he would swoop down on her in the next second.

His gaze was too piercing that Fang Chixia’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat.

The person who had only planned on hanging up on the high chair before succumbed to warning in his eyes and walked stiffly towards the two.

As she traversed on the short distance, Fang Chixia pondered on Luo Yibei’s purpose for letting her join them.

He was graced by the presence of another woman, but still couldn’t let her off. Was he going take her as a shield?

Fang Chixia has always been very clever. Even if she was a bit disconcerted at first, she could still guess a little.

A few steps before the two, Luo Yibei stretched out an arm circling her waist and brought her into his arms. “Baby, what were you just doing? I was asking you to come over, why weren’t you listening?” He leaned over and left a gentle peck on her forehead. His voice was unusually soft, which gave Fang Chixia’s goose bumps.

Fang Chixia let her body rest on his arms. She stayed motionless while her body was as stiff as wood.

However, she has to cooperate.

She forced a smile and accompanied it with a chuckle as she explained herself, “It’s too far away. I didn’t hear anything.”

Chapter 225: Show her love

The two stood intimately together. Their oozing gentleness could seep out like water, the epitome of a pair of lovebirds.

Luo Yibei was the kind of man who has his own resplendence. Countless pairs of eyes would follow him anywhere he goes and tonight, many a young women were staring openly at him.

With this current scene, those hopeful hearts were smashed to smithereens.

Su Rui herself was shaking slightly, floored by this sudden display of affection.

Fang Chixia was actually sympathizing with her. Enfolded in Luo Yibei’s arms, she was already feeling suffocated and wanted to leave.

However, she was well aware that since Luo Yibei specifically asked her to come over, if his purpose hadn’t come to fruition, he would never set her free so easily.

Fang Chixia considered her options for a while and suddenly raised her arms around Luo Yibei’s neck.

In order to dispel the goosebumps all over her body, she called out to him, “Husband, I want to tour around here. Do you mind?”

To help him break free from Su Rui’s entanglement and her also looking for an excuse to leave, both of which would be best solved with just her use of marriage endearment.

“Yibei, she is…” Su Rui’s asked with a slight tremor on her voice. Her face has also evidently changed after her words.

He really was married!

Luo Yibei replied with a faint “hmm” and glanced gently down at Fang Chixia.

“Don’t go too far. When you come back, return to my side immediately.” He reminded her before letting go of her hand.

“Okay. I will. ” Fang Chixia heaved a sigh of relief, nodded lightly and calmly left.

She wasn’t into such displays of affection. She was keenly aware of their not so close relationship, but in the face of such show of love, Fang Chixia detests being in the limelight.

Back to where she had just sat earlier, she picked up the two cocktails and swept a glance around, searching for a quiet spot to rest.

When she located a sofa in the corner, she moved to head there. For some reason Su Rui also headed in her direction.

Fang Chixia continued her way forward not paying attention to her.

Su Rui came straight to her and didn’t a word of hello. She just stood next to her seat.

Fang Chixia was puzzled at the beginning as to her purpose approaching her and just continued staring at her.

But Su Rui’s next move immediately made her fully understand.

When Fang Chixia moved a leg to move forward, Su Rui suddenly tripped her while giving her a smug look.

A sudden move that caught her totally unprepared.

Fang Chixia lost her balance and fell straight to the floor —

Her flexibility couldn’t be questioned but with two glasses of wine on each hand, she wasn’t in the form to stabilize herself much less support her fall. So, she fell uncontrollably downwards, “Ah!”

Accompnaying her exclamation, her face was about to come close in contact with the ground when pair of hands caught her waist from the back.

Even the cocktail that flew out of her hand was caught.

Steadily, the wine glass fell into the man’s palm.

The man’s rescue came too fast that Fang Chixia couldn’t wrap her mind around how things progressed. When she came back to her senses, she realized that she has been pulled into a warm embrace.



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