TOCH – Chapter 252-253

Chapter 252

Her consciousness seems fleeting and she looked still immersed in her panic.

With her remaining still, Luo Yibei shortly realized that this wasn’t as simple as he had thought.

Even a hot spring pool could induce such fright?

In all honesty, Luo Yibei hasn’t given much thought on the the matter at the Ji’s Residence.

With her astuteness how could she fall into the lake?

The way they dove into the water in the middle of nowhere in Provence to save themselves, didn’t she brave the danger with not much difficulty?

Moreover, she could just swim!

Luo Yibei couldn’t answer the questions in his mind. He gathered her into his arms and stared at her for a while.

“Are you alright?” He asked as he carried her to the villa.

Fang Chixia made no response but burrowed herself deeply into his embrace. Her knuckles whitened as they clutched at his sleeves from their shallow folds, dragging them out as if they were her life-saving straws. The only word she managed to utter was “cold.”

A word which stiffened Luo Yibei’s spine.

The pool where the two of them were in just a moment ago was filled with warm water, not cold…

Her reaction was the same as when she last fell into the water. Luo Yibei’s brows wrinkled up.

In these two instances, the water temperature wasn’t cold and the days were hot.

Her reactions shouldn’t be caused by the water temperature but more of a trauma.

She even has the guts to stand up to him but was actually afraid of falling into the water….

Luo Yibei examined her curled in his arms and could only come up with a possible reason.

Has she ever had a traumatic experience before?

Fang Chixia kept shivering and her small pale face made her look so weak.

This made a certain culprit reflect on himself.

“It’s alright. You’ll be warm soon.” With a gentle comfort that he himself hasn’t noticed, Luo Yibei strode back to the villa.

He carried her upstairs all the way back to the master bedroom. He laid her on the sofa and stripped her off her wet clothes and changed her into a new set. He took a clean bath towel and wrapped it around her wet head to dry her hair which was still dripping with water.

Fang Chixia was like a doll left in his mercy but she uttered no protest.

“So pitiful!” Luo Yibei glanced down at her and attempted to tease her.

He helped her blow-dry her hair. He obviously has never done so before but he refused to let go of her. He let her rely on him. Even his usual indifferent appearance has a touch of imperceptible delight.

“How could you be afraid of falling into the water?” He casually asked as he leaned over and sniffed her natural fragrance.

Fang Chixia seemed lost in her thoughts for she ignored him.

At the moment, she was particularly compliant, like a rag doll who was forced and bullied. He had tossed her about but she didn’t fight back with her usual sharp teeth.

Luo Yibei studied her closely. When his eyes fixed on her bare shoulders, he hesitated whether he should do whatever he wanted.

Holding her head with both hands, he pressed her towards himself and prepared for a kiss when Fang Chixia’s lifeless eyes suddenly blinked, as if snapping out from her reverie. With eyes suddenly opposite each other, Luo Yibei still hasn’t done anything when a searing pain rose from his lips.

He was bitten!

Was this her first reaction after waking up?

Fang Chixia glanced at him. Recalling his hateful attempt of dragging her down, she jerked herself away.

“Bastard!” Glaring resentfully at him, she gnashed her teeth.

Luo Yibei returned to his senses and licked his bloody lips but he didn’t defend himself.


Chapter 253: Childhood agreement

This time, it was really purely for fun.

It has never occurred to him however that she would react so negatively to falling into the water.

Fang Chixia tamped down her temper and turned stomped her way downstairs.

Since their marriage, the number of petty quarrels that they’ve had was awful lot. However, she never seemed hold a grudge at all. When he followed her downstairs, she was back to her normal self as if nothing has happened. She even prepared dinner in the kitchen.

Fang Chixia couldn’t say she doesn’t hold any grudges at all. If it really hits her bottom line, she would remember you for a lifetime.

But for this kind of fuss, she was against reciprocating.

They still have four years to go, why bother making themselves unhappy?

When Luo Yibei arrived down, Fang Chixia was twirling around the kitchen and the dining room. She was even humming a song in a sunny mood.

She was humming the same old song, “”When-I-Grow-Up, I-Wanna-Be-Your-Bride, Be-Your-Bride, Touch-Your-Heart…”

The lyrics roughly mean that when she grows up, she wanted to be his bride.

This song was the same song she hummed on the night of their wedding, and them mood was as it is now.

Luo Yibei never expected her to be so energetic and full of vigor in the wake of her almost death.

He leaned on the staircase and watched her pensively.

Whom does she want to be a bride of when she grows up?

On the night when they got married, Luo Yibei assumed that she was singing the song in celebration for marrying him.

They were already married but she was still humming this song!

Luo Yibie watched her in silence as he pondered while his brows slowly formed a line.

Was this a casual tune or did she really have a childhood sweetheart?

Fang Chixia caught sight of him at the corner of her eyes. She was startled at first but she twisted her head and continued with her business.

A dinner for two was quickly solved. The will officially enter the branch of Rongxi the next day. With the long flight, though it was still early in the evening, Fang Chixia was already feeling sleepy.

Luo Yibei probably was still reflecting on his behavior during the day so he didn’t bother her in the evening.

The next morning, the two went to Rongxi together.

The next period of time was a normal workday with a variety of business entertainment.

Since they arrived in Nice, Luo Yibei seemed to like taking her everywhere with him. In the variety of business gatherings, wherever he was, there would always be her around.

Fang Chixia kept in mind the double monthly salary he promised so whenever he asked, she accompanied him.

At every turn, he would usually be busy while there she sat, waiting for him.

The same was true for tonight’s occasion. A celebrity party hosted by a wealthy businessman in Nice. The dinner was for the rich as it is said that even members of the European royalty has been invited.

Su Rui of R country was also the one who had previously proposed a marriage between Rongxi and the royal family.

With her eagle-eyes, she located Luo Yibei the instant she entered so she walked towards him carrying two cocktails.

“Yibei, you are here too!” His appearance was totally laid-back, even the corners of his eyes were brimming with laughter.

Luo Yibei responded with just a faint ‘hmm’ but there wasn’t much a change in his expression.

Fang Chixia was standing not far behind the two. She originally planned on finding a corner to rest while waiting for him but the image of the two together stopped her on her tracks.



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