EP – Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Everyone has their own scars.

The other party was so polite that Ning Xiaofei was embarrassed to say, “This matter can’t be blamed on him. I also was in the wrong.”

Thinking back, she suddenly sneaked in so it was just natural that Xicheng mistook her for a paparazzi.

“It’s all in the past so let’s not talk about it!” Xu Yang copied the case plan on his memory stick. “I need to talk to you about the interview questions on the show.”

“This…” Ning Xiaofei bit back awkwardly, “The issues to be raised on the program are all impromptu, not pre-arranged.”

This was the main point of her plan and creativity. The impromptu questions to be answered by the guests aren’t pre-arranged. Their column wasn’t for the guests’ personal stage but undergoes a real interview process.

“I understand. I just wanted to mention something about Mr. Xicheng’s taboo. That guy never considers the occasion. When he gets angry, he would do things his way, so…” Xu Yang shrugged. “Please don’t ask questions about his family or parents. He hates answering anything related to his own family.”

Ning Xiaofei nodded.

Everyone has their own scars. If someone asks her of her father, she would definitely blow her top. She could understand this.

The two chatted for a while before Xu Yang looked at the time on his watch and stood up.

“That’s it. I’ll take the contract from to the company and send it to you after I walk myself through the process.”

Ning Xiaofei sent him off politely from the shop and then carried her bag to the front deck to settle their bill.

After paying for their lunch, she immediately walked out from the coffee shop and faced an ATM next to it. She inserted her bank card to check her balance.

The screen showed that she only has 250.25 balance.

Since the change couldn’t be withdrawn, she finally got only two thin red bills. Staring at the two thin red bills on her hand, Ning Xiaofei had a moment of speechlessness.

Staying at the hotel for one night, 200 would be enough. Where was she going to sleep this evening?

Go back home?


If the family got wind of her being driven out, she’s afraid that the moving of her mother’s grave would be ruined.


In addition to Ye Qiao, she knows no one else to crash.

Ye Qiao’s family owned a small two bedroom apartment where her parents sleep in the master bedroom and she in a small single bedroom. If she were to spend the night there, Ye Qiao would definitely sleep on the sofa and give her her bed, which would bee too embarrassing.

Mulling over at her desk, but couldn’t think of a place to sleep. Moving her eyes around her desk, she couldn’t help but brighten up.

That’s right, if there really wasn’t any place, staying at the office for a few days would work. Anyway, spring nights aren’t that cold.

As for her next expenditures…

Who cares!

As long as she could settle her mother’s grave, returning to the Ji’s could be an option. Anyway, she would only be ridiculed by those family of three. Her grandpa is still there so they wouldn’t dare drive her out.

With that out of the way, she relaxed and opened her new computer to start working hard.



Mu’s building, top floor office.

Mu Tianye was signing his own name at the end of a document when the swelling reddish blisters from his slender fingers on the right hand caught his attention.

This was from last night when he grabbed the pot from Ning Xiaofei. He hasn’t felt the burning pain at that time but the pain from time to time now was irritating him.

He reached out and pinched the blisters trying to squeeze them open. At the same moment, the sound of the door opening rang as Zhou Tao pushed the door from outside.

He abandoned his fingers and asked coldly.

“Who’s the man?”

If someone dared to touch his woman, of course, he won’t leave him alone.

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