TOCH – Chapter 250-251

Chapter 250: Like it

Fang Chixia busied herself upstairs for a long time. She sorted out a room for herself and even re-arranged the room to her liking before unpacking her luggage and hanging her clothes in the closet, one by one.

In the few hours from their arrival, she never sat for a rest.

However, whatever she had done for that period seemed only for herself.

Even the room she organized was readied only for her.

Knowing Luo Yibei’s character, Fang Chixia was positive they’d never stay in separate rooms for the whole month. This was just a precaution for occasional separation.

Downstairs, Luo Yibei sat in the living room for quite some time and decided to go for a dip in the artificial hot spring pool.

This villa was purchased by Luo Xichen. Not only is the address chosen ecological but the environment is also remote but peaceful, allowing the residents a glimpse of paradise.

The hot spring pool by the mountain is pure natural and with the lingering mists around, it created a fairyland mirage.

After Luo Yibei went in, he didn’t return for more than an hour.

With all things organized upstairs, Fang Chixia strolled to the balcony just in time to see Luo Yibei down by the pool. When she gazed down, she was met with his eyes.

“Come here!” Luo Yibei lazily hooked a finger to her as he soaked in the pool.

Fang Chixia ignored him and let her eyes wander past him to the vastness of the back mountain.

The grandeur of the villa stemmed not only from its fully equipped facilities but also enhanced by the purely natural environment.

From the room where Fang Chixia was standing, the mountain breeze that blows even carries a floral fragrance.

It was entirely refreshing.

“Come down!” Luo Yibei’s voice downstairs came again. This time, his tone has cooled down with a hint of threat in it.

Fang Chixia wasn’t feeling threatened at the moment. She again ignored him and deeply breathed in the scattered floral scent in the air. She also spoke to him indiscriminately, “Lou Yibei, it’s very beautiful here.”

Luo Yibei was feeling dissatisfied with her previous disobedience but even so, at the look at her contented face, he asked, “Do you like it?”

“Like.” Fang Chixia nodded lightly and added wishfully. “How wonderful would it be if I could see such scenery back at home.”

She was just wishing at random, just making casual talk.

At this particular moment, it has probably never occurred to her that in the future, the same mountain view, the same hot spring pool, and even the same floral scent lingering in the air would really appear back at home….

Luo Yibei leaned back in the hot spring pool with eyes fixed on her upstairs from below, with a mysterious look on his face. No one could tell what was going on in his head.

When Fang Chixia met his eyes boring into hers, she froze for a moment and misunderstood the meaning behind them.

Whenever Luo Yibei looks at her in this manner, it was a warning for her disobedience.

Cold indifferent eyes, just as it is now.

“I’ll be down in a moment.” Fang Chixia retreated into the bedroom and retrieved a bath towel from the bathroom.

She convinced herself that she wasn’t succumbing to Luo Yibei. She just thought that if he really did insist on letting her go down, even if she doesn’t, he would still succeed in making her obey with the same old tricks.

Where the result was all the same for being proactive or passive, given these choices, why not take the initiative?

At least, she could relieve herself from troubles.

All the way out of the villa, she went directly to the pool.

Chapter 251: Dragged into the lake

Luo Yibei leaned casually against the pool and watched her as she came closer. Recalling her disobedience a moment ago, the moment she came to his side, he raised his hand and tugged at her.

He tugged her ankle and with his sudden attack, Fang Chixia wasn’t on guard at all.

“Ah~” her shriek was followed by a ‘splash’.

“Wu ~ cough…” Fang Chixia’s breathing hitched. The moment she fell into the water, her arms helplessly flapped on the surface of the water trying to grasp support to stabilize herself.

However, she caught nothing.

Luo Yibei didn’t extend a hand as his action was purely a teasing attempt to punish her. He was actually just beside her, but didn’t give a hand at all.

In his mind, what could a hot spring pool do?

The splashing on the surface of the water continued for just a while and then slowly died down, with not the slightest ripple.

Fang Chixia sank into the water and her shadow couldn’t be seen.

Luo Yibei leaned against the poolside, watching the calm water and ignoring it.

This was a natural hot spring pool. It wasn’t deep and they were located at a spot which was no more than just a meter and a half.

At such a depth, Luo Yibei felt that there wouldn’t be a problem.

Luo Yibei’s eyes narrowed slightly. His fingertips drummed the surface of the water estimating how long Fang Chixia could probably last underwater.

He felt that she wouldn’t hold her breath for a minute or two and surface on her own.

Or, she might mess with him. Unnoticed by him, her head might pop out somewhere and take him down in revenge while he wasn’t paying attention.

With Fang Chixia’s character, the second scenario was very likely.

However, Luo Yibei waited for some time but the water remained still. There was neither movement here nor there and Fang Chixia still hasn’t appeared.

Even the surroundings have gone eerily quiet.

The excessively precarious atmosphere made Luo Yibei frown and slowly realize that something wasn’t right.

“Fang Chixia!” Luo Yibei bellowed.

There was still no movement from the water.

Luo Yibei’s heart constricted and recalling Fang Chixia who almost drowned at the Ji Family’s lake when Ji Ai pushed her, he wasted no more time and plunged straight down into the water.

This time in the afternoon, the faint rays of the sunlight scattered all around, penetrating the pool and providing a vague glow in the water.

The pool wasn’t deep but as it was surrounded by trees, the amount of light was blocked which turned the pool a bit dark.

By the time Luo Yibei swooped down, Fang Chixia had already fallen to the bottom of the pool.

Luo Yibei carried her to the surface and laid her down on the grass.

Fang Chixia’s long lashes covered her tightly closed eyes, pale and quiet like a broken doll.

A sight that made Luo Yibei feel like something was drawn out from his heart.

“Are you all right?” He shook her in an attempt to get any response.

Fang Chixia’s face however remained white, devoid of color, with eyes close and uttering no response.

“Wake up!” Luo Yibei shook her again.

Still not getting any response, he leaned over thinking of doing artificial respiration when Fang Chixia’s closed eyes suddenly blinked open.

“That’s all you could do?” Luo Yibei sighed as the tightness in his throat loosened up. He was even in the mood to reprimand her.

Fang Chixia just looked back at him without talking.

Her lip color and face were still very pale. Her hands were folded over her chest as if she still hasn’t gotten over her scare.



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