TOCH – Chapter 248-249

Chapter 248: Young Master Bei’s great masterpiece

His gentle kiss skimmed her lips as he pressed her head forward.

Fang Chixia was taken aback. She raised her hand and tried to push herself away but Luo Yibei took hold of her hands and moved himself closer.

His legs made some movements and as if nothing has happened, he stopped and closed his eyes as he adjusted the thin quilt she had covered him with, then continued to sleep.

He seemed comfortable with her has his pillow. His head remained lying flat with no intention of moving and in no time at all was sound asleep.

The plane was still on its long journey. Bored by herself, Fang Chixia resorted to staring out the window for a while. Finding a pen around, she painted on the window glass.

Trying to pass the time, she painted slowly, but detailed.

First, she drew a kitten. Then, she drew a bustling street on a rainy day.

The kitten was alone on the street with no other pedestrians on the lanes.

The kitten crouched alone in front of a closed shop as the heavy rain poured beside it. It was looking up the rain curtain outside, as if trying to shelter itself from the cold rain.

The whole street was very quiet. No pedestrians walking, no other animals were wandering, only the kitten, weak, small and helpless was alone on the corner of the street.

At that moment, the whole world seemed tranquil.

Fang Chixia’s painting project was a bit large and it took a long time.

After painting, it was already several hours later.

She massaged her sore wrist and took out another thin quilt and covered herself. Without pushing Luo Yibei away, she continued sitting down and slept.

She just wanted to take a nap. However, as soon as her head rested on the headrest, her grogginess took the best of her and she fell deep into slumber.

Not two minutes when she fell asleep, Luo Yibei woke up.

He had enough rest for such a long time so he was in good spirits.

He first blinked up at his arms around Fang Chixia before rising up from her lap. He sat up to go to the dining room when his eyes was attracted by the painting on the window glass.

The black water strokes used by Fang Chixia was very eye-catching. The painting was also very clear.

Luo Yibei scrutinized the painting but at the sight of the solitary kitten on the street, his eyes stung.

Time passed slowly as he stared at the painting. After carrying Fang Chixia, who was sleeping by the window, to the bedside and gently tucking her in, he took her place by the window.

Picking up the pen she had just used on the table, Luo Yibei position himself in front of the painting and also painted on it.

His strokes were swift and the outline of his design was huge.

In the meanwhile, the plane continued on its journey.

Fang Chixia on the bed was sleeping soundly and has not woken since, from beginning to end.

When she opened her eyes again, the plane was in the midst of a turbulence and they seemed to be descending.

Luo Yibei was standing outside the door talking to someone.

They were speaking in French so Fang Chixia could roughly grasp the content.

There was still ten minutes more before the plane could land at Nice Airport and the person was asking Luo Yibei was to do next.

Luo Yibei went out presumably to direct them.

Left alone in the room, Fang Chixia got out of bed and stumbled into the sofa where she remembered dozing off. She wanted to wait quietly for the plane to land, but when she saw the painting in front of her, she was stunned…

Chapter 249

The spectacular painting was totally inconsistent with the helpless kitten that Fang Chixia had painted.

Unlike her masterpiece, the background of Luo Yibei’s painting was a majestic city, a blueprint of a kingdom.

Half of the painting was a haze brought about by the rainy days and half of it was hot under the summer sun.

The kitten’s shelter was also different from Fang Chixia’s painting. It has a home, a wooden cabin sheltering it from the wind and rain.

Whether it was a hot day or a rainy day, the kitten, which had nowhere to go before, crouched in that house which Luo Yibei painted, looking safely at the out pour outside, warm and cozy.

Fang Chixia stared at the painting for a long time and unconsciously, her eyes welled up in tears.

Outside the room, a knock suddenly came.

Followed by the crew’s polite voice, “Miss, we have landed now!”

Fang Chixia got a grip of herself and fought hard to compose herself. She walked over to open the door and walked down the ramp as if nothing had happened.

When she got off, Luo Yibei has already disembarked and was waiting outside for her.

The local time was early in the morning so the dense morning fog enveloped the whole airport. The obscure light projected a hazy silhouette of him, softening his sultry coldness.

“We arrived so quickly.” Fang Chixia sized up the airport nonchalantly before walking towards him and walked alongside him as they exited the airport.

Outside, someone was waiting for them.

Luo Yibei didn’t seem to luxuriate in others’ interference in his own domain. Even his few number of drivers were shut out. Straight after getting into the car, he ordered the driver to get down.

He stepped on the gas and the Aston Martin flew like the wind carrying Fang Chixia into the suburbs.

“Aren’t we staying in a hotel?” Fang Chixia couldn’t help but ask.

“Just follow me, okay? Aren’t you relying on me for food and accommodation?” Luo Yibei quipped quoting her previous claim when they were on the plane.

Fang Chixia was speechless.

Indeed, she was completely unfamiliar with Nice so just follow him.

Truth to tell, the Luo Family has its own private villa in Nice. Years before when Sha Zhixing was studying design in Europe, only she and Luo Xichen lived there. Although it was rarely occupied, there were still servants who were tasked to regularly maintain it.

Luo Yibei drove Fang Chixia to the villa in a suburb. Rongxi’s branch wasn’t far away and the scenery there was particularly good.

The villa stood magnificently surrounded by the colorful view of the mountains and a hot spring pool.

For the next month, both of them will be staying there.

Fang Chixia actively ran and tidied up a room for herself upon arriving.

Luo Yibei sat on the sofa, leisurely watching her busy figure upstairs and downstairs, quietly contemplating how the two of them should go about the next month.

Nice is the beginning of a new life for him and her.

With only him and her and not even an acquaintance around, they didn’t have to worry about being photographed by reporters.

Thinking about it, Luo Yibei considered properly. Under such environment, whatever he wants to do, he could do so unscrupulously.


TLN: Shaoye – Master

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