Ep – Chapter 95-96

Chapter 95: Is this a big joke?

“Yes, Assistant Xu!”


Everyone immediately crowded around Xu Yang and Ning Xiaofei to stop them.

It has been tough fishing this big Buddha. If they miss this opportunity, it would be a great loss for the column.

“I’m also very optimistic about Miss Ning, but…” Xu Yang swept a glance over Pei Ruoxi and Ji Mo, “if you can’t keep her, then there’s nothing else to say. Mr. Xicheng said that he would only cooperate with Ning Xiaofei. Others…. there’s no need for crap talk!”

With this big plot reversal, Pei Ruoxi quietly retreated and left.

Ning Xiaofei also noticed her retreat and raised her voice at once.

“Sister Pei, don’t run!”

Pei Ruoxi bit her lip and stopped.

“Rest assured, I’m not as timid as you are. I was willing to bet and lose. For things I promised, I will carry it out. But…” She glanced sideways at Ji Mo, “Director Ji, is this group a hotel or a vegetable market. When you want to come, you come and when you want to go, just leave?”

“Make no mistake, I’ll never tolerate anyone.” Ji Mo also raised his voice, “Xiao Zhou!”

The front desk receptionist hurriedly squeezed in, “Director!”

“Call Finance Department. Ning Xiaofei was late three times without any valid reason. Deduct all under-times from her salary this month.” Reaching for the resignation letter on the table, he looked deeply at Ning Xiaofei, “This resignation letter, I’ll keep it. If you are late once more, I won’t care who you are friends with. No matter who supports you, immediately scram out of the column!”

With his temperament, he wouldn’t have tolerated her fault if not for her inviting Xicheng.

This little girl is too stubborn and proud. He must make it clear to her that some things come with a price.

His scolding this time didn’t anger Ning Xiaofei at all. On the contrary, her heart was full of gratitude.

“Thank you Director. I promise, I will certainly won’t be late again!”

After handing in her resignation letter but was still kept by the other party, this already is the best face given to her.

“You’d better do so!”

Ji Mo snorted and turned back to his office.

Ning Xiaofei raised her face again and when she looked at Pei Ruoxi, her expression has restored its calmness.

“Sister Pei, tomorrow is Saturday. Do not forget…Your apology, I’ll be waiting in front of the TV on time, recording it for a souvenir.”

“Sounds like a lot of fun?” Xu Yang also laughed and joined in. “What apology?”

Ning Xiaofei smiled and said, “This is the case. Before, I made a bet with Miss Pei. If within three days, I can invite Mr. Xicheng, she will apologize to me in front of the people in the whole country. If you have time tomorrow night, you can watch too. Also, you should take note of Ms. Pei’s show. It’s definitely wonderful.”

Xu Yang followed her along and responded, “Okay. Then, I’ll get Mr. Xicheng to see it together. Miss Pei, don’t forget, otherwise… I won’t know how to explain to Mr. Xicheng.

Pei Ruoxi was so mad but she could only ground the back of her teeth helplessly.

After shooting a cold glance on Ning Xiaofei’s face for a while, she turned and separated herself as she walked to the door.

Ning Xiaofei swung her phone right behind her.

“Sister Pei, you can send it to your circle of friends. Remember to forward it!”


Pei Ruoxi slammed the door.


Chapter 96: Not lying?

Ning Xiaofei grabbed Xu Yang’s palm and hurriedly pulled him to a quite spot outside the corridor.

“Assistant, you… is this a big joke?”

She knew that this guy was just helping her, but this wasn’t a trivial matter. If this guest, Xicheng refuses to come, she would be killed by him.

Xu Yang cracked a smile, “Did you think I would dare to joke around with this kind of matter?”

Ning Xiaofei was thunderstruck, “He… he really agreed?”

Xu Yang nodded.

If his boss didn’t promise such a thing, he wouldn’t dare decide on his own. Otherwise, that person would skin him alive!



“You’re not lying?”

“No kidding!”

“What a relief!” Ning Xiaofei jumped over excitedly and hugged him around the shoulders. “That’s great, that’s great… Now, I can keep my job.”

From an early age, she has especially yearned to be like those hosts on TV. Reporting news and working in the TV industry has been her biggest dream.

Entering the Broadcasting Institute and successfully getting into the TV station was the beginning of her dream. She originally thought that she’d have to say goodbye forever to this circle, but now, there was such a turnaround. Her excitement was naturally off the roof.

Watching her happy appearance, Xu Yang also chuckled, “If you shake me a little longer, you’ll make me dizzy.”

“I’m sorry!” Ning Xiaofei quickly released him. “I was just too excited.”

“If it’s convenient for you, let’s find a place to talk about some of the details of the show. I must communicate well with you.”

“All right, no problem!” Ning Xiaofei reached for the gift box he was holding and held it aside “I’ll help you with this. There is a western restaurant opposite downstairs. Let’s talk there.”

Xu Yang peered at the gift box in her hand and smiled but said nothing.

The two arrived at the western restaurant across and found a quiter corner to sit down. Ning Xiaofei pushed the gift box next to him.

“No, this is for you!”

Xu Yang carried the gift box and presented it to her.

“For me?” Ning Xiaofei asked in bewilderment. She wasn’t a stranger to the bitten apple logo on the box. Just by looking at the size, it didn’t look like a mobile phone and her mobile phone has already been returned. “What’s this?”

“Wasn’t your computer damaged before? I didn’t know which brand you are using. I use this at work so I bought a new model for you.”

“That can’t be done!” Ning Xiaofei pushed the gift box back, “You are too polite, I can’t accept it.”

Her computer was broken by Xicheng and it has nothing to do with Xu Yang. She wasn’t interested in collecting other’s things.

Xu Yang kept his smile and pushed the box back, “This is what Mr. Xicheng has specifically instructed. If you don’t accept it, when I go back, he’ll kill me. So… just do me a favor, alright?”

“He asked you to buy it?” Ning Xiaofei’s eyes fell on the computer box in disbelief. “Has this guy reformed?”

Across her, Xu Yang burst out with a puff of laughter.

“Don’t say that in front of him. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.”

Ning Xiaofei also gibed. “I don’t dare. But… I really can’t accept this computer. I can have my screen changed.”

The other party has promised to appear on the show so how could she make a fuss on such a minor matter.

But how could Xu Yang accept defeat. He pushed the box back to her again.

“I beg you. If you don’t accept it, then the master is going to lose his temper with me again.”

“This…” Ning Xiaofei looked at the other’s earnest face and then decided not to be modest. “Okay, I’ll take it. But in return, this meal will be on me!”

“All right.” Xu Yang beamed. “In all honesty, Mr. Xicheng has a stinky temper. His mouth is pure poison. After getting in contact with him for a long time, you would know get to know that he actually is just a simple person. He just dislikes others disturbing his life so he has always been resentful of reporters.”

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