Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Marry a chicken, Marry a pig, marry a dog, but never marry you

On the throne above them, Empress Su was leaning on one side looking fixedly at Feng Chuge, but she seemed preoccupied …

“Like… They’re really so much alike…” She narrowed her eyes and whispered.

“Empress, what’s wrong?” The Emperor heard her strange muttering so he turned to ask.

Empress Su snapped out of her reverie and shook her head. “Nothing.”

Looking straight at FEng Chuge’s eyes, Empress Su agreed, “Feng Chuge’s proposition is also reasonable, it will absolve everyone from guessing carelessly…”

Hearing her consent, the Emperor finally nodded, “If this is the case… then, search for it.”

The Emperor’s decree was passed down.

In a short while, maid servants and guards conducted the search within the banquet hall.

Feng Chuge, Achen, none of them were spared, all were searched.

But at the end of the search, not a shadow of the bottle was found.

Not on them, nothing was found on everyone else. 

“Feng Chuge… you must have hid the bottle somewhere else.” He Lian Jin Yu persisted unrelentingly.

“Third Prince, you sure are eager to solve this case…” Feng Chuge stared back at him meaningfully.

How could she not know, this He Lian Jin Yu was desperate to see her die!

She taunted him with her eyes.

Those cold eyes made He Lian Jin Yu’s back stiff. He felt like cold water was poured down into his body as chill burst out from his bones.

This feeling intensified as seconds passed by, until Feng Chuge looked away….

Feng Chuge raised an eyebrow before saying, “We have all been searched… Isn’t it time for Second Sister to be searched? Although she has taken aphrodisiac, that doesn’t exempt her from being searched. That would be too unfair…”

Long after Feng Chuge was searched and nothing was found, Empress Su sighed in relief.

Now, listening to her words, she nodded. “Right…”

With that, Empress Su motioned a maid, “Also search Second Feng Miss…”

The maid received her order so she went and began searching Feng Qianxue’s body.

Suddenly, the maid felt a bottle on Feng Qianxue’s sleeves. She put her hand in and pulled out a white porcelain bottle.

“Your Majesty… this servant found this bottle…”

“Lin Mu…” Empress Su gestured.

Lin Mu received the bottle.

He opened the lid, but after a whiff of it made him shut the lid immediately. With an ugly look, “Yes… this is it…”

His confirmation led the crowd in uproar —

The aphrodisiac was actually found on Feng Qianxue’s arms!!!

The expression on He Lian Jin Yu’s face changed and changed again.

He had been infallible with his belief that Feng Chuge has drugged Feng Qianxue. But now, the bottle was found Feng Qianxue, which was indisputably a slap on his face.

Irked at this result, He Lian Jin Yu suddenly raised a brow and challenged Feng Chuge, “It must be that you placed the bottle in Feng Qianxue’s sleeves…”

Feng Chuge stood up and looked him in the eye, serving him a glacial look.

Her red lips sneered, “Third Prince, did you see me do it or what? If you haven’t, don’t be so sure!”

The more she said, the deeper the curvature on her lips were, “I don’t know why you have repeatedly framed me, but… If you don’t want to marry me, you can just say so. And I, Feng Chuge, would be here to give you a proper answer. I, Feng Chuge, would marry a chicken, marry a pig, marry a dog, but would never marry you!”

TL: I liked that title very much 🙂 This is all for today.

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