TOCH – Chapter 247

TLN: I mistranslated a part near the end of chapter 246. I updated it already 🙂

Fang Chixia was speechless. How did she become noisy?

She really had the urge to push him again, but at the sight of Luo Yibei who was obviously unwilling to heed her, she held the impulse back.

They were seated by the window. At this hour, it was almost close to the afternoon and the sun was bathing the sky.

Warm and pleasant.

Luo Yibei lay down lazily against Fang Chixia. After the magazine covered his face, he never spoke again.

He seemed to have fallen asleep. At first he was leaning on her. After that, it was probably due to the fact that the sofa was too narrow and there was no room  for his legs so when he fell asleep, his head directly rested on her lap.

A move that made Fang Chixia’s back tensed.

Deliberate or not, he made no move after his head landed on her lap.

Fang Chixia squirmed in her seat. She extended a hand to push him away but the clear and shallow sound of his breathing telling her that he really has fallen asleep, banished her desire.

Properly speaking, hi falling asleep during this long flight would be to her advantage.

It was preferable from being awake and facing each other.

With Luo Yibei’s character, Fang Chixia didn’t believe that he wouldn’t make a move on her, even if they were on the plane.

She unglued her eyes on him and gazed out the window again.

From C city to Nice, they had flown across numerous places. The weather outside the window was also unpredictable.

It would be a clear sky the first ten minutes and then cloudy the next.

When they were probably above the ocean, the temperature in the cabin suddenly dropped down.

Fang Chixia fumbled for a blanket and wanted to wrap it around herself but her eyes couldn’t help but stray on the man’s face lying on her.

She has been skeptical earlier that Luo Yibei has really fallen asleep or he was just wanting to make things hard on her, but now, she thinks that he really was sleeping.

Fang Chixia surveyed his sculpted face for a while. She didn’t know what overcame her for she suddenly covered him gently with the blanket.

After tucking him in, she withdrew her hand only to be detained by a cold hand.

Fang Chixia was startled. She stopped moving and looked down to find his eyes fixed on her face.

Fang Chixia has been leaning down and her face was just above his head. His hand stopped her from straightening up and instead brought her slightly downwards.

Luo Yibei was lying flat with his head resting on her lap so the posture seemed like Fang Chixia was leaning over to sneak a kiss on him.

Staring at each other’s eyes at a relatively close distance, Fang Chixia could even clearly see her image in his eyes.

“Miss Fang, what are you doing?” Luo Yibei’s gaze first glanced at the hand that has just covered him with the blanket. Teasingly, he let his eyes wander on her eyes, her nose and then her lips…

“I must stay in Nice for so long. When we get there, I have to rely on you everywhere for food, accommodation, and work. If anything happens to you, it would be me who’ll be in trouble.”

Fang Chixia was somewhat discomfited staring so closely at him. After justifying her action, she withdrew her hand but Luo Yibei raised a hand and forced her head down. He raised his head up, tilting his face as he claimed her lips for a kiss. 



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  1. Woohoo.. Yibei will certainly not let this opportunity slip😂😂😂
    Hmm… Love making in the sky must be in his to-do list!


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