EP – Chapter 94

Chapter 94: A bit plot reversal

“Miss Ning.” Upon seeing Ning Xiaofei, Xu Yang greeted her with a smile and delivered a phone to her hand. “I’m returning your phone to you.”

Ning Xiaofei received her mobile phone with joy and nodded to him gratefully.

“Thank you!”

“You don’t have to be polite.” Xu Yang glanced around. “Do you have time now?’

“Assistant Xu.” Pei Ruoxi also eyed Ning Xiaofei’s resignation letter. “I’m afraid you have to wait for a moment because someone will soon resign. By then, she would have a lot of time.”

Yesterday, she was worried that Ning Xiaofei has really signed up Xicheng. Her heart almost jumped out of her mouth with Xu Yang’s appearance once more.

However, when Xu Yang handed a phone to Ning Xiaofei, her heart instantly fell back into its place.

Ji Mo frowned at Ning Xiaofei but there obviously was anger beneath his gaze.

“Ning Xiaofei, what’s your explanation this time?”

She was late on her first day at work. Her figure was simply not seen yesterday, and now, this….

Quit every time?

If she couldn’t even stand such a setback, how could she imagine mixing in this kind of circle?!

“Director Ji Mo, ” Ning Xiaofei handed over her resignation letter apologetically, “Thank you so much for your appreciation. Truly… I am very sorry!”

Ji Mo’s brows knitted and Pei Ruoxi took a step forward with chin raised arrogantly.

“Ning Xiaofei, let me give you piece of advice. In the future, no matter where you go, know your place. If you don’t have that diamond drill, don’t take that porcelain job!”

Ning Xiaofei was speechless. Well, who asked her to lose it!

She was willing to gamble and lose.

Without paying attention to Pei Ruoxi’s cynicism, she placed the resignation letter on the table next to her and bowed to everyone around her.

“I’m sorry for troubling everyone, I’m sorry!” She straightened up and turned to face Xu Yang. “Assistant Xu, shall we go?”

Xu Yang stood in place but made no other move. “In fact, I came this time not only to send back Miss Ning’s stuff but also to announce something important. After Mr. Xichen carefully considered Miss Ning’s proposal, he decided to attend your first interview.”

When everyone heard his announcement, they got up from their chairs in astonishment.

Xicheng, the hardest celebrity to ever invite, has been really taken down by Ning Xiaofei?

On the side, Pei Ruoxi’s face instantly paled.

Ning Xiaofei’s eyes widened but was a little more unresponsive.

“But…” Xu Yang scoffed arrogantly, “Mr. Xicheng will only cooperate with Miss Ning. If she resigns, please don’t bother him anymore. We will never consider this column again!”

Retracting his eyes, he gently smiled at Ning Xiaofei who was squinting at him.

“Miss Ning, it just so happen that I’m lacking an assistant. What about… Let’s find a place to talk?”

In the car yesterday, although, Ning Xiaofei has not mentioned her bet with Pei Ruoxi, he could still point out that this collaboration with Xicheng was very important. If Xicheng failed to come, she’ll probably end up losing her job.

Xicheng has once worked with Pei Ruoxi so Xu Yang certainly knows who she is.

There obviously were thorns with from words. After following Xicheng in the circle for a few years, deciphering these clues were a piece of cake for Xu Yang.

Yesterday, he hasn’t done anything to help. So today, how could he not help Ning Xiaofei gain back a bit of face.

“Assistant Xu!” Deputy Director Chen Liang rushed over and stopped Xu Yang and Ning Xiaofei. “You must not misunderstand. Xiaofei is the planner of the first phase of our column. If she is gone, how else are we going to shoot this program?”



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