TOCH – Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Get up, you’re heavy.

Luo Yibei’s back stiffened, but he stopped on his tracks.

He looked at her sideways, his eyes fixed on her face, waiting for her to speak.

Fang Chixia came to him step by step and asked stolidly, “If I go with you to Nice, it would be considered a business trip. Flying all the way back to C city is a bit tiresome, so do I get double salary?”

Luo Yibei never expected her to approach his proposal this way. The corner of his eyes slightly twitched but he followed her question without any change in expression, “24 hours from the moment you accompany me, your salary will be higher.”

He was obviously teasing her. But his evocative words, Fang Chixia naturally understood the implications.

He shamelessly uttered his affirmation but Fang Chixia was flustered

“Wait for a moment, I’ll go and pack.” She gasped for breath while she averted her eyes uncomfortably. She spinned around and returned indoor once more.

Luo Yibei watched her disappear as a smile blossomed at the corners of his mouth, his bottomless eyes revealing a dizzying delight.

Fang Chixia went back into the bedroom and simply packed a bundle of things. When she came out, they headed into the airport.

Luo Yibei used a chartered plane for this trip so the entire plane served him alone.

From C city to Nice, it takes more than ten hours and only Fang Chixia and Luo Yibei occupied the cabins. The flight attendants and crew members were separated and without permission, they don’t dare to enter.

In the short history of their marriage, this was the first time that Fang Chixia took the initiative to follow Luo Yibei.

In light of this, Luo Yibei has been staring at her since they got on the plane.

Fang Chixia was seated next to him by the window.

She caught him staring at her she shifted her gaze away and looked out of the window.

The interior of the plane was lavishly decorated resembling a presidential suite. Thus, there was plenty of room to sit, even on the bed.

Fang Chixia chose to sit on the sofa and a little space was left on it. She was thinking of making use of these more than ten hours to have a good rest. Who knew that after she just sat down, Luo Yibei also followed suit.

With such a narrow sofa, two people sitting on it was somewhat crowded.

Moreover, the side of the window was decorated leaving no space for Fang Chixia to rest her legs.

What’s even more hateful was that whether it was intentional or not, Luo Yibei sprawled out with his long limbs occupying the majority of the space in front.

His arm was also spread out behind her head and directly rested just beneath her eyelids.

With this stance, she would likely be held in his embrace at any time.

Fang Chixia refrained herself from pinching him. But vexed at how his hand and legs hindered her from moving, she elbowed him, “Move a little.”

Luo Yibei ignored her. Instead, he changed positions. He lazily crossed his arms on his chest, overlapped his legs reluctantly, and leaned bodily against her, using her shoulder as pillow. 

With his tall stature, anyone would agree that him relying on Fang Chixia was entirely oafish.

He didn’t seem to mind at all for coziness was apparent on his face.

Fang Chixia scowled at him while gnashing her teeth in anger.

Was there going to be more than one benefit she has with him?

“Luo Yibei, get up! Your head is so heavy!” Fang Chixia shoved him away with both hands.

“Noisy.” Luo Yibei lazily admonished. At the same time, he grabbed a magazine and covered his face.



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    1. Yibei has become so needy of her But he is working so hard to not admit that he is more than sexually interested in Chixia.


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