Ep – Chapter 93

Chapter 93: It added up to less than three digits

The man’s footsteps drifted away, heavy and slow.

After some time, a dull sound of the door hitting the frame resounded.

Ning Xiaofei shrank in place but didn’t hear his voice again. She put down the knife and leaned weakly against the cabinet.

Mu Tianye must be out of his mind for going through the roof like that with no reason. This lady couldn’t understand what the reason was, or if it was because of the previous matter she angered him for.

She stayed still for a moment and then silently stood up. She took a rag and began to clean up the mess on the floor.

After cleaning up the whole kitchen, she went upstairs to pack up her meager belongings. She took a few clothes and carried her bag to the door. Before completely disappearing from the door, she opened her bag and took out the card that Mu Tianye has given her from her purse and left in on the cabinet in the foyer.

Turning around, she surveyed the living room in front of her, shut the door and pocketed the key before stepping out of the apartment.


The door shut tightly and th warmth of the apartment was enclosed on the other side of the door.

Carrying a heavy shoulder bag, she marched to the elevator without turning back, leaving the most expensive apartment in A city.

After walking along six blocks, she finally found a motel and paid the bill for the cheapest room.

She went upstairs, entered the room with only a prison-like window, and threw her bag on the bed. Ning Xiaofei laid down on the bed for a while before suddenly stretching her arm out. She unpacked her bag and took out her purse. She poured out everything on the bed and counted – all bills and coins only added up to less than three digits.

Including a few hundreds of yuan left in her bank cards, everything only amounted to more than a thousand.

Tomorrow was the last day of her bet with Pei Ruoxi and there was no way she could stay at the TV station.

Before the money is spent, she must first find a way to survive.

Her stomach screamed in protest.

She caressed her flat belly and scolded herself.

“Idiot, whyd didn’t you eat his food before leaving, at least you could have saved a meal.”

After scolding herself, she got out of bed again and went downstairs to buy a box of instant noodles. She boiled hot water when she got back in the room to satisfy her hunger.

Glancing at the time, it was already late into the night so she locked the door and climbed into the bed.

The moment she turned off the light, she heard a strange noise coming from next door.

First there was a creak, and then a snap accompanied by a man’s gasp and a woman’s chanting…

“There is no mistake!”

Ning Xiaofei lifted her hand and pulled up the quilt to cover her head, stuffing the sheet in her ears with force.

In this manner, the couple next door were akin to people who suffered from a prolonged drought and finally showered with rain, they tossed about for half the night.

Until the early hours of the morning did Ning Xiaofei fell asleep. With no mobile phone to set an alarm, it was already three in the afternoon when she awakened.

She got dressed and washed her face then run downstairs. She settled her account and left the motel. She rushed to the TV station and held her resignation letter on the elevator up the building.

Fortunately, she didn’t throw it, otherwise, she would have to write another copy again.

She mocked herself with a half-smile. When she came out of the elevator to the office of the column group, it was just in time to see Ji Mo coming out with a black face.

She also ran into Pei Ruoxi’s assistant who came out of his office. Upon seeing Ning Xiaofei, she glanced down on the resignation letter she was holding.

“Resignation letter? Shouldn’t you it be Xicheng’s contract signing?”

Ning Xiaofei hasn’t spoken yet when Xiao Song came running excitedly.

“Xiao Ning, Assistant Xu is looking for you!”

Ning Xiaofei turned around and saw Xu Yang holding a big box coming in.



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