EP – Chapter 92

Chapter: 92: Why?!

The door hit the wall and made a dull noise.

Ning Xiaofei was shocked. Her fingers shook and the pot in her hand almost fell down.

“Mu Tianye?” At the sight of a livid Mu Tianye standing in the doorway, Ning Xiaofei asked in bewilderment? “How come you’re here?”

What was wrong with him?

Now that he is back, it was a bad thing for her, right?

Mu Tianye?!

Was it time she took a “husband”?

Mu Tianye walked over with a calm face. As she watched the man approach, Ning Xiaofei stepped back subconsciously. In a matter of seconds, she unconsciously had retreated to the front of the console and her lower back was affixed to the counter top. There was no way to retreat.

Looking at him in front of her, she instinctively tightened her hold on the porridge pot in her hand.

Reaching out, Mu Tianye took the pot over.

The pot has been baked already and it was still very hot. He grabbed it by the hand and caught unprepared for the searing pain from the burn, he frowned and immediately threw the pot aside.


When the porridge pot fell on the floor, the man frowned as he surveyed his burnt palm.

Knowing that he was hurt, Ning Xiaofei hurriedly caught his wrist and opened the tap then let the cold water run through his palm.

“Quick… let it under the cold water… I’ll get some ice packs for you…

Want to escape?

Mu Tianye grabbed her arm and pulled her back. He lifted his wet palm and pressed her against the cupboard.

“Where’s the man?”

“What man?”

Ning Xiaofei asked in daze.

The man grabbed the collar of her shirt and tightened it furiously. Due to rage, bloodshot eyes drilled into her unrelentingly.

“I told you, the thing I hate the most is others betraying me. So Why did you do it? Why… Why?!”

He clutched her collar tightly which rendered Ning Xiaofei almost breahtless. She instinctively raised her hand and tried to pry his fingers away.

“Let… cough… let go of me…”

He had never been on a non-stop flight before. For the first time, he had bought a flight ticket and flew back within a dozen hours just because he was worried she might have been in an accident. He even gave up the inspection…

But what came of it?

At this moment, Mu Tianye’s sanity has long been burned by anger. Feeling her resistance, he tightened his hold some more.

“Answer me!…Why… Why…”

This man is tall and sturdy so there was no doubt in the disparity between their strength. In the midst of his anger, his strength was doubled.

Ning Xiaofei almost couldn’t breathe. Her chest and lungs were burning with the same pain and her small face has been already turned red. Struggling to get rid of his violence, she let her hand aside and felt a fruit basket on the side. The basket however fell to the floor and the fruit inside rolled to the floor.

Hearing this sound, Mu Tianye came back to his senses and realized what he was doing. He quickly loosened his grip on her collar.


Air rushed into her throat, Ning Xiaofei dropped down and held her neck as she coughed violently. At the same time, she kept her eyes warily at him, filled with fear.

Noticing his gaze, she grabbed a knife and held it with both hands. She shrank away and held the knife with trembling hands.

“You… Don’t come near. or else… I… I’ll hurt you.”

Everything happened so suddenly that she was really shaken up.

Mu Tianye’s hands which where hanging on his sides slowly clenched tight.

The palm of his hand was still burnt but he felt none of the pain.

Looking at the corner of the kitchen cabinet where Ning Xiaofei was clutching the knife while trembling, he slowly squinted.

“From today onwards, don’t let me see you again.”

With that, Mu Tianye turned around and stepped out of the kitchen, leaving all the mess everywhere.

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