Chapter 63

Chapter 63: To give somebody a taste of his own medicine

Cold eyes flayed Feng Chuge as He Lian Jin Yu accused.

He surmised that these are all Feng Chuge’s machination.

Just now, it was only Feng Chuge who offered Feng Qianxue a drink.

It must be that wine, that wine was definitely drugged!!

“Lin Mu, go and check if the wine was poisoned.”

Lin Mu took the glass up and examined it carefully. Then he suddenly glanced up —

“Yes, there is indeed aphrodisiac smeared on this glass.”

“Feng Chuge, you vicious woman. What do you have to say now?” He Lian Jin Yu snapped, his eyes full of contempt.

At a closer look, it wasn’t difficult to discern the hate behind his gaze.

With He Lian Jin Yu’s accusation, everyone looked at Feng Chuge.

Vicious woman….

These two words, everyone was also now convinced.

Just minutes ago, Feng Chuge has ruined Shui Yuer’s face. This was still fresh in everyone’s mind.

So to speak, this description fits Feng Chuge very much.

Now, Feng Qianxue was drugged with aphrodisiac and all evidences are pointed at Feng Chuge.

“I didn’t expect her to use aphrodisiac. It’s one of the filthiest drugs there is… She’s so despicable, so shameless!!

“Right? What’s more, it’s against her own blood sister!”

Several people on the side have begun to discuss aloud.

Master Yun’s face slowly recovered from the speculations.

In this situation, if everything were to be pushed on Feng Chuge’s head, his family’s reputation would be preserved….

“Feng Chuge, she is your biological elder sister. Even if you hate her that much, how could you use such poison to set her up?” Master Yun censured indignantly.

Feng Chuge who was leaning on one side and listening to everything serenely finally raised her head…

“Gentleman, your accusation, do you have any proof? What made you think that I brought aphrodisiac just to set her up?”

Seeing that Feng Chuge wasn’t admitting anything, Master Yun responded, “If not you, then did you think she drugged herself?”

Right now was the chance to white wash Feng Qianxue, he mustn’t give way.

“How did you know that she wouldn’t drug herself?” Feng Chuge sneered as she leaned back and crossed her arms across her chest…

“My second sister has been lonely for too long. Maybe, she has taken the medicine deliberately. But, she shouldn’t be blamed. Who made her husband die so early when she too is so young…”

Feng Chuge’s retort made Master Yun’s face grow livid. “How could it not be you!”

“If I said that that aphrodisiac wasn’t mine, then it wasn’t mine!” Feng Chuge’s eyes flashed as her tone rolled sharply.

All the while, she touched the medicine none at all. She only collected the medicinal spirits on the glass and then dunk them all down to Feng Qianxue’s cup…

Her method wasn’t excessive at all!

If she’s wanted to blame, she could only blame herself.

None of this would have happened if she hadn’t thought of using aphrodisiac at all.

“Feng Chuge, you dare to argue!!” He Lian Jin Yu stood up from the side line and approached Master Yun…

A fleeting cold glint flashed at the bottom of Feng Chuge’s eyes that were looking at He Lian Jin Yu.

She glanced around, “Since you suspect that someone has been drugged, you might as well carry out a thorough body search. We have always been in here and never been out… Search and see who the hell has an aphrodisiac bottle on her!”

Once a woman was stained even with a drop of the aphrodisiac, it will take effect.

Hence, it could only be stored in bottles.

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