Chapter 60

Chapter 60: I’ll offer you a toast

Across from her, Feng Qianxue who kept her silence finally couldn’t stand it and spoke again….

“Your Majesty, now that your servant has married into the Yun Family, I rarely had the chance to see my sister. I had just unintentionally wronged my sister so I want to make amends with my sister with a toast….”

Feng Qianxue has now embodied a totally sincere person.

She has already asked politely so how could the Emperor refuse?

“Of course you can – As sisters, it’s natural to be harmonious. How could you hurt each other’s feelings because of such little things?”

“Yes… It’s as your Majesty has said.” Feng Qianxue got up.

In full view of the crowd, she picked up a jug from the table and poured a glass of wine then approached Feng Chuge.

“Miss, what mischief is she up to again?” Zilan whispered.

Feng Chuge raised a brow, “Can’t you tell just by looking at her?”

Feng Qianxue kept a serene smile as she walked across slowly.

Today, she was wearing a chiffon dress with a delicate makeup on her face.

Step by step, when she approached, there was no doubt about her graceful figure.

Admittedly, Feng Qianxue was indeed a beauty.

When she arrived in front of Feng Chuge, she stopped….

“Fourth Sister, I’ve offended you many times before. Sister is right. I still am at a mourning period but dressed brightly like this. It truly was my negligence…”

Feng Qianxue started earnestly.

However, the more sincere she was, the more it sounded fishy.

The bottom of Feng Chuge’s eyes flashed a few lines of mockery, but she had no intention of going along with Feng Qianxue’s acting. In answer, she just opened her mouth unceremoniously, “This is indeed second’s sister’s mistake.”

For a moment, Feng Qianxue didn’t know how to continue….

Her hand hidden deep in her sleeves clenched tightly and her ten fingers buried themselves into the palms of her hands, almost puncturing her palms.

Her hatred flashed quickly across her eyes before she calmed down once more —

“Yes, I did wrong. Because of this matter, I even had to argue with sister. It’s really my mistake.” After that, Feng Qianxue handed the wine glass in her hand. “Here, Fourth Sister, I’ll offer you a toast…”

Feng Chuge’s eyes narrowed but she accepted the glass.

Her eyes flickered as she looked down at the wine in the glass.

Smearing aphrodisiac on the rim of the glass, even if someone has suspected her, no one would be able to detect that the poison was actually on the cup.

What a brilliant move!

Seeing that Feng Chuge wasn’t making any move to drink, Feng Qianxue spoke, “Why aren’t drinking Fourth Sister? Are you worried that it’s poisoned?”

She asked innocently and pitifully.

Feng Chuge smiled, “How could Second Sister poison me?’

After saying so, she raised her sleeves and drank the wine in one gulp…

The sight of Feng Chuge drinking that wine filled Feng Qianxue with a sense of pride.

“Second Sister, let me also give you a toast-” Feng Chuge also picked another glass and smirked.

With a flick smearing the top of the glass hidden by her sleeves, she handed the glass over.

“All right…” Feng Qianxue has already achieved what she had planned for so without caring about anything, she received the drink and drank from the glass.


After finishing the wine, Feng Qianxue left and went back to her position.

The surrounding has become more peaceful by then.

“Woman, what poison did you just drop?” On her side, Achen suddenly turned his head and asked with interest.

Feng Chuge’s lips twitched —

Her poisoning technique was clearly quickly hidden, but somehow, Achen was able to see it…

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