TOCH – Chapter 243-244

Chapter 243: I want to go back to China….

“Yibei…” A very cheerful female voice could be heard from the other end of the phone which told her she was close to him.

No other words came for a while after that from the caller.

Fang Chixia was sitting close to Luo Yibei so when he picked up the phone, it was just near her side.

At such a distance, Fang Chixia could clearly hear the voice of the person on the phone.

Su Ran remained silent for a while before her voice came again, “I want to back home…”

In such a brief sentence, nothing else was forthcoming, and she sounded even hesitant saying just that line.

Luo Yibei seemed taken aback but the expression on his face solidified in just seconds.

Fang Chixia herself was startled. Her hand holding the menu, as she looked at what to order, slightly stiffened.

Luo Yibei’s line of sight passed by and implicitly sighted her out the corner of his eye.

Fang Chixia who had her head lowered just so happened to lift her head and also look at him.

Obviously, she did not expect to meet his eyes on her. Her face instantly reddened in her fluster and immediately dropped her gaze down.

With her head down, she took the menu and continued choosing a meal as if nothing had happened.

Luo Yibei remained silent after Su Ran’s declaration and after a few seconds, he faintly returned, “Let’s talk later!”

With a few simple words, he ended the call.

Fang Chixia turned the menu, page after page a little bit rapidly, but nothing stirred her appetite.

After leafing through through the whole menu again and again, she finally put it down.

Luo Yibei quietly picked up another book, called the waiter and in fluent French, ordered sets of French cuisines.

When their meal was delivered, their table suddenly turned uncomfortably quiet.

None of them spoke and just solved the meal all the way through.

When they arrived back home, Luo Yibei received a call from Luo Xichen informing him that Luo Yibei had been assigned to go to a branch office in Nice, France for a period of time.

There are numerous branches of of the Luo’s business at home and abroad. The branch in Nice has always been managed by Luo Xichen but with his and Sha Zhixing’s plan of going on a Nordic trip recently, he decided to temporarily trasfer control to Luo Yibei for a month’s time.

Luo Yibei generally never refutes any of Luo Xichen’s arrangements.

Nice, he’s got to go.

At then end of the call, his eyes subtly wandered across Fang Chixia’s face.

Fang Chixia was propped on the sofa caressing Tuantuan’s fur. She kept on petting and teasing it, with tingles of laughter from time to time, regardless of the cat’s inability to understand human speech.

Standing a few meters away, Luo Yibei lingered over her for a while and casually said, “I will be going abroad for some time.”

Fang Chixia was at the moment holding two of Tuantuan’s claws but hearing him stilled her eyes.

Luo Yibei studied her reaction and added, “I’m going to Nice.”

His eyes were fixated on her reaction. Listening to Luo Xichen’s order, he just wanted to know what she thought of it.

Fang Chixia was surprised.

He has been abroad many times. In such a position, going abroad for him was a common occurence.

But, previously, he had never taken the initiative to tell her of his trips.

They were resembled two strangers. When he needed to go somewhere, he goes straight away. Except in the evening of course, as if she didn’t exist around him.

But now, he volunteered to tell her that and didn’t even need her to ask.

Fang Chixia made no response but after a moment’s silence, her face slowly lifted up.


Chapter 244: Do you want to come with me?

“I see.” She answered devoid of emotion. She hugged Tuantuan and continued to brush her back.

Her voice was barely audible that it felt as if she didn’t mind it at all.

Luo Yibei’s brows wrinkled. This woman for no reason makes him a little upset, but he didn’t voice it out. Instead, he marched upstairs.

Fang Chixia stayed downstairs for a long time. When she finally graced his presence, he had finished his bath and was sitting on the sofa, as if waiting for her.

“You’re still awake?” Fang Chixia gawked. She was a bit startled.

Luo Yibei returned a ‘hmm’ while staring fixedly at her.

“I’ll take a shower.” Fang Chixia wrenched her gaze and headed into the bathroom with a stuffy head.

Her speed was considerably fast today. Whenever she hits the bathroom, it would take a few dozens of minutes or so but tonight, she has come out after less than 10 minutes.

Her eyes never wandered to him as she focused on drying her hair with a towel.

“Nice, I’ll be there for a long time.” Luo Yibei said.

The volumen of his remarks were raised a bit high as if afraid that she wouldn’t hear it.

“I see.” Fang Chixia was standing sideways facing him but her hands drying her hand moved without stopping.

This woman, Luo Yibei’s gaze sank.

“Nothing to say?” Sorting out his neckline, he probed.

A hint of expectation could be discerned from his tone, really subtle. A pity that Fang Chixia was unable to decipher it.

Fang Chixia was rendered silent, unable to process what he meant.

He was going for a business trip. What was there for her to say?

Luo Yibei leveled a glowering look as his complexion was visibly heavier, but he couldn’t actually reprimand her.

A tug landed her in his arms. He grabbed the towel in her hand and took the task of drying her hair.

His movement’s weren’t gentle at all but not as rude as before. The plain white towel was laid on her head and was used to wipe every wisp of her hair.

Fang Chixia obviously didn’t expect him to make such a sudden move so she stiffly leaned in his arms.

With Luo Yibei’s character, not enslaving her in exchange for this gesture was already considered benevolent.

He actually helped her willingly….

Fang Chixia looked dazedly up at him.

“Sleep.” Luo Yibei explained no more and after drying her long her on his own, he carried her to the bed.

As soon as she was thrown into the bed, he laid down beside her and gathered her tightly against his chest.

He said sleep, but after lying on the bed, his eyes didn’t close.

It was Fang Chixia, who had not slept well for the past two nights, now that she was finally lying on a bed locked up in his warmth, quickly drifted off to sleep.

Who knew that before she could enter dreamland, Luo Yibei awakened her.

Luo Yibei has been staring at her back for quite a while now. He suddenly said, “Do you want to come with me?”

Fang Chixia was stunned for a moment and was caught unprepared by his question but as she was utterly worn out, she made no reply.

Pretending not to have heard it, she continued nodding off.

Luo Yibei was finally pissed off at this response and contemplated whether to pinch her or flip her around with the hands circling her waist and crush her beneath him.

However, at the sight of her face which seemed to have fallen asleep, he held himself back.

Fang Chixia was up and about early the next day, earlier than Luo Yibei.

While preparing breakfast in the kitchen, she mulled over what Luo Yibei said before she dozed off.



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