TOCH – Chapter 242

Chapter 42: Extortion

Seizing the collar of his shirt in the act of pulling it down, she was stopped dispiritedly midway with no more signs of action as she met Luo Yibei’s gaze watching her every move.

“What are you doing?” Luo Yibei glanced at the collar she began has instead straigthtened into deep shallow folds and frowned.

“Nothing.” Fang Chixia patted his collar nonchalantly and then smoothen his clothes. Her eyes drooped low and helped him button up the ones he had just unbuttoned.

Well, after that, the two left the villa together.

The overbearing manner he had hung up Tong Yan’s call, he did the same as he pushed Fang Chixia out for a date as she had planned with Tong Yan. He himself drove her to a commercial center in the city.

Then, he did something that rendered Fang Chixia utterly speechless.

After leading her in, for the whole afternoon, he asked her to help him buy his things.

He instructed her to enter a men’s clothing store, asked her to choose a few shirts, and even shamelessly made her pay for them.

Carrying shopping bags big and small, Fang Chixia’s mind still couldn’t get around what exactly has she been doing this afternoon and this sudden change in his behavior.

His eyes has always been picky. What he needed, even if he didnt’ have time, he has so many assistants and servants so why has this job fell on her shoulders?

What was even more unthinkable for Fang Chixia was, why was she made to pay for them?

The two got into the car one after the other. After Luo Yibei took the driver’s seat, she opened her bag and fished her wallet out. For just an afternoon of shopping, her wallet has now turned totally empty. The poor deflated purse made the corners of her eyes twitch.

Her distress however wass totally lost to someone, “That’s all you got?”

“Haven’t you always known?” Fang Chixia sat up and glanced at the few shopping bags next to her feet then at her purse once more in anxiety.

Though her purse has never been bulging, at least there was money in it, but how could he shamelessly ask her to spend for him?

Why was he being so mean?

Luo Yibei took a glimpse of the several bags on her knees, picked them up in front of her and hooked his lips up unconcernedly, “These are gifts for me.”

Fang Chixia felt wronged at heart. Wait, what did he say?

When someone wants somebody to give him a gift, would he directly drag the person to the mall, instruct him to choose for him and then even pay for him?

This was simply extortion!

Fang Chixia was helpless. He was so rich. With just a swipe of his card would have been enough. Why must he extort her of what little money she have?

Limited edition clothes were all that he wears, so why did he still let her buy her a cheap one?

Luo Yibei however gave her no answer to this question as his whole attention was on the few shopping bags. After taking his fill, he drove away as if it was the most natural thing to do.

His mood, there’s no doubt he’s brimming with happiness!

Since both of them were out, Luo Yibei took her directly to a restaurant for dinner.

He drove them to a stylish western restaurant by the sea.

They both entered the restaurant and found a place to sit down. Luo Yibei has just picked up the menu and didn’t even made an order when his phone suddenly rang.

Fang Chixia was sitting beside him, not opposite, so she picked up his phone handily, “Your phone.”

When the phone was picked up, her eyes inadvertently glanced at the screen, only catching a glimpse of two words, – Su Ran.

Fang Chixia froze for a moment and the hand holding the phone went stiff.

Luo Yibei dropped the menu and received the phone from her hand.



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