TOCH – Chapter 241

Chapter 241: This afternoon, she is his

Xiao Zuo affirmed with utmost confidence.

Luo Yi reeled off with this information and couldn’t help but be doubtful.

That was it?

In the garden, after Fang Chixia followed Luo Yibei outside of anyone’s field of vision, she immediately wrenched her hand away from Luo Yibei’s grip. “I can walk by myself.”

Luo Yibei looked strangely at her, but he didn’t insist.

The two returned to the villa where he lives in tandem. Considering that Xiao Zuo can now move around, Fang Chixia decided to leave the family’s home.

Who knew that Luo Yibei would appear right behind her not long after she got back home.

It was only a few hours when he arrived after her.

As soon as she left, he immediately followed, not giving a crap whether his family would think more into it.

When he stepped in, Fang Chixia was prepping herself to go out shopping with Tong Yan.

When she saw him coming back so suddenly, she was taken aback. “Why are you back?”

“Got a problem with it?” Luo Yibei retorted as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt while entering the room.

Fang Chixia had no answer.

Indeed, this was his home and he came back home. How dare she have any opinions?

It was just that she didn’t expect him to follow her back so soon.

It would have been better if he had at least waited for two days so as not to arouse any suspicions.

“I’m going out with Tong Yan later. I’ll probably be back late in the evening.” She thoughtfully informed and made a move for the door only to be dragged back by a cold hand.

“Is something the matter?” Fang Chixia asked nonplussed.

“Nothing, it just so happened that I’m free, too.” Luo Yibei lazily answered. He paused and then added another sentence, “Tell her you are not free this afternoon. See her next time.”

“And the reason?” Fang Chixia has arranged an appointment earlier with Tong Yan and it was also for private business. She was only answerable to him behind close doors since she married him. So what right did he have to interfere with her plans?

She was quite proud when she asked and looked provocatively straight into his eyes.

Luo Yibei frowned. Slightly narrowing his eyes, his gaze then slowly traveled with unnerving thoroughness across her face and smiled. Without any change in his expressions, he dropped, “If you want to have three consecutive sleepless nights, Miss Fang, just ignore what I just said.”

Fang Chixia hasn’t slept for a night when she first arrived at the Luo’s home as well as last night, plus tonight, it would be the third night.

He was obviously threatening her!

Luo Yibei snorted indifferently and irregardless of her consent, a big hand went over her body, groping for her mobile phone. In front of her face, he dialed Tong Yan’s number.

“She’s not free today.” With that brief sentence, he hung up the phone but not before Tong Yan’s curious question floated by, “Why?”

“To accompany her husband, got a problem with that?” Luo Yibei replied shamelessly.

Tong Yan seemed to have choked on his words and said nothing for quite a while.

With no more protests to be heard, Luo Yibei hung the phone and placed it back on Fang Chixia’s hand. As if nothing had happened, he positioned her hand so she could assist him in sorting out the remaining shirt buttons he had started unbuttoning.

He originally thought that Fang Chixia would be staying at home. Thinking that she had not had a good rest for two nights, she should be readying herself for that much needed sleep. He too came back to have a rest but here she was, ready to go out.

He has unbuttoned his shirt because of her, but now, he’s going to let her really be responsible for unbuttoning it!

Fang Chixia stared at the row of noble buttons on his shirt and tamped down her irritation with his authoritarian behavior. She wished she could raise her hand up and give him a punch.



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