TOCH – Chapter 240

Chapter 240: She’s Luo Yibei’s person

With that said, he shoved a box of medicine into her hands. Luo Yi then turned around and took a sit then stared at her.

Fang Chixia got that he meant for her to help him feed Harry. This was no big deal in fact so she summoned Harry to her side and squatted down. She first brushed his smooth fur and then teased him to open his mouth.

Harry seemed to have harbored no grievances from her mistake yesterday. On the contrary, he seemed quite happy to see her. He circled around her and pawed her skirt before lying down at her feet.

“Harry, open your mouth.” After shooting the pill in her palm to his mouth, Fang Chixia gently stroked his head.

The way she patiently coaxed Harry from end to end was which made Luo Yi even more satisfied with her performance.

When Harry had finished taking his medicine, he called him to his side and carried it up to his arms. He also caressed his fur and looked up at Luo Yibei who sat next to him with eyes fixed on Fang Chixia. He asked coldly, “Did both of you come together?”

Fang Chixia was unnerved. Fang Chixia made to explain when Xiao Zuo, accompanied by two servants came barging in and robbed her the chance to answer, “Tai Yeye, Elder sister is my friend. She took care of me for one night the other night!”

  • TLN: Tai yeye – great grandpa

“Oh, is she?” As long as the old man wasn’t in a fit of a temper, towards the children and his grandchildren, he would spoil them. Although Xiao Zuo was still very young, he wasn’t as stuffy as Luo Yibei who often blows his beard so this old man dotes on him very much.

“Tai Yeye, don’t be too hard on Sister Xia Xia. She really didn’t mean it.” It could be observed that Xiao Zuo was much more talkative compared yesterday. With a smile on his face, he gestured a servant to bring what he was carrying to the table. He began to sweet-talk, “Mother asked me to bring this for Grandpa. This is lotus seed congee. She said that it would be good for grandpa. Don’t be angry anymore. Isn’t Harry recovering well, too?”

“Is that right?” The old man was amused. He ruffled his hair and picked up the bowl.

Xiao Zuo took this opportunity to pull Fang Chixia over, “Tai Yeye has forgiven you, sister, quickly say thank you.”

The old man’s brows almost formed a vertical line. When has he said he forgave her?

Fang Chixia went along with Xiao Zuo’s cue. She bowed her head in apology, “I’m sorry. I will pay more attention in the future.”

She has been punished for the whole night and had not shirked admitting her mistake all the way through. She has even apologized several times.

Her soft-spoken words blended with remorse made her look like she has committed a grave sin.

Lou Yibei couldn’t stand this side of her so he stood up abruptly. He walked to her front and spat out dispassionately, “You’ve already done your penance, so what are you apologizing for? Isn’t Harry up and about now?”

With that assertion, he ignored Luo Yi’s astonished eyes and claimed Fang Chixia’s hand, tagging her alongside him as he left the villa.

Luo Yi’s eyes settled on Luo Yibei’s hand as he stared astounded at the disappearing figures of the two.

He has punished Fang Chixia for the wrong she had done, so what did he come stirring trouble here for?

“What’s the relationship of those two?” His eyes turned to Xiao Zuo and asked.

“Oh, this ah…” Xiao Zuo thought for a moment then gave him a ‘You don’t even know this?’ look. “Sister Xia Xia is working under Brother Yibei. You’ve moved one of his people so of course, he has to take care of her!”



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